Starting something you cannot finish (DIY ish)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Rattler, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Today, what with all the sun shine and with money been a little tight I thought I would use my recent eBay purchases to fix the car. BUT and that’s where its starts to go wrong (even my son decided to leave me to it as i skined my hands a few times, with a follow up of does that hurt Dad) Fugging too right it hurt, bleeding brake dust in cuts with dirty dot 4..

    anyway back to the day

    I had changed the Brake discs and pads on the front of the car without any issues, (in fact piece of pi$$ to be honest) however the back of the car has proven to be a bit of a challenge/nightmare, so much so (Googles advice was something short of burning the car in some grubby housing estate) and now the AA will need to come and take the care to a garage as I don’t have the specialist tools to finish the JOB, the car is now on the drive buggered till Monday.

    Does this sound familiar to any fellow arrses?
  2. It appears that on this car it needs a special tool (which I thought I qualified for) to push the calliper back into the housing. Its not a normal push with thumbs with the bleed valve open, its some sort of screw device?? What ever that is anyway??

    Bring back the old cars
  3. What he said. You'd need a fully equipped workshop, complete with electronic diagnostic gear, to even service my car.
  4. so apart from cars, do you start something with its "get that finished by lunch" to either have an expert come in to finish off, or you come back to it 3 months later because the Frau has nagged you to bits
  5. What motor is it .. needed one for mine .. The rear pistons on most Pugeots and VW/Audi/seat/Skoda will screw back into the caliper rather than push back .. you can get a piston retraction tool from any motor factors or even Halfrauds .. made by a company called Laser about £20 or less

    Brake caliper tool

    I think its bordering on fcking criminal that car manufacturers are allowed to make thier cars so fecking unaccessable maintenance wise...

    Modern cars seem to require so many specialist tools just to change the filters/oil .. changing a bulb on some cars requires removing the bleedin front bumper !!! [ unless you have hands like a 10yr old Indian assembly line worker !! ]

    I had to change a VW front wheel bearing on the missus car the other week and it needed a special VW tool to remove the old bearing.. It worked out cheaper to get hold of a complete front hub assembly which included the hub, the brake caliper, an ABS sensor and brake disc !! from the local breakers yard [ in excellent condition ] than it did just to hire the bleedin bearing tool
  6. You can improvise a wind back too but using a open jaw spanner ,but if you do this ,wind them back very slowly as you can brake apart of a abs valve depending on car :D
    As for other diy jobs they never stop 8O
  7. You filthy sod.
  9. Yeah. my house! Moved in in 1995, started decororating. Still one room untouched! :(
  10. Rule of thumb.. if the wife asks you to do some task and says it will only take a few minutes... allow three hours...

    1] something will break
    2] parts will be left over
    3] you won't have the right tool
    4] the store will have sold the last one just before you get there
  13. Had a burst fuel pipe on my Discovery this week.
    Pished away about £20 worth of diesel (thats nearly a gallon at todays prices), no problem says me, I shall whip it to pieces find out which one of the four pipes it is and order the parts from Land Rover double quick.

    Pipes come in sets- No bother. I'll have the set.
    Genuine Only- Fair enough get them in for me please
    That will be September delivery- I beg your pardon? (or words to that effect)

    Apparently the firm that supply Land Rover with the genuine only fuel pipes have gone bust. New supplier won't have them made for until the end of September.
    Now bodged with fuel hose and a bucket full of jubilee clips. Should have bought a Toyota
  14. Try a Discovery 2
    Can't fit wheel bearing, has to be a complete hub at £200 a corner for parts
  15. on the note of discovery's:
    my dad recently changed an entire engine in one (after it cracked open one of the piston-chamber-thingies). piece-of-p1ss, kinda. took three days, an engine mount (for re-building one engine), an engine lift and finally a gearbox lift. expensive, but now we have enough kit to completely re-buid any engine, ever. as long as it's less than one tonne. :)

    after all that malarkey, he then had to change the gearbox ¬`¬, the bloody thing wouldn't change out of 1st, when we were at about 50mph running up the east lancs. but, all in all, thanks to the bolt-together nature of the b*astards, it was fairly simple. well, more simple than changing one on a renault master van, for example. that was awkward.