Starting/ running a business whilst serving

As the title says im currently in the process of drafting a business plan for starting my own business. Im wondering if anyone has any experience starting a business whilst still serving and offer any advice. I am considering the need for a business partner whose not serving to cover the need when i am away. The obvious is that my attention will not stray from my current work but if anyone can offer advice it would be much appreciated. The business is starting an independant restaurant.
I used to be a waiter and I know how to say Bonjour so I could pass as a snooty french waiter. I am also a complete ******** willing to shaft customers for every penny they have got.

I am not serving and I am more than happy to work anywhere in the country.
If you are engaged in trade or are a partner or director in a commercial enterprise you should obtain permission under QRs paras 0577-0678. Applications are submitted through the chain of command. As you state that your private business will not interfere with your official duties, you should have no difficulty in giving an undertaking to that effect. You are welcome to PM me if you need any more detail. Good luck with your business!
If you are thinking of borrowing silly amounts of money, go to see your banks business manager, they will give you many reasons the business plan may not work, its the nice way of saying "**** off your not having any"

Still convinced, do peruse Fleurets for a bargain, some nice pubs

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If you are going Self-employed, or starting a business for the first time, here is the most important advice you will ever recieve:
Do not start out with a "Partner", it will only end in tears.
Thanks for the advice. Im not looking at a get rich quick scheme or a job for myself after leaving, im in it for the long run and the target audience is service personnel so i know my market. Im aware that 30% of businesses of this kind fail in the first year but hey, 70% dont!
Well I quite happily ran a business for over 10 years whilst serving with a partner. I didn't bother getting permission although did declare it during my DV interviews and it is still running very happily. As you'd expect, during this time I completed multiple tours, one demanding long course and a very 'unusual' posting.

My advice would be to chose your business partner very, very carefully. They need to be the sort of person you'd trust implicitly and the same in reverse. You also need to be able to speak in a very frank manner without each other getting the hump. I'd suggest that this rules out all women for a start!

Getting any sort of funding is extremely difficult in the current climate. Good luck with that.
Im serving, and currently have two (abeit one is dormant, few years later on paper it will be establised 6 yrs ago ;)) goto companies house and setup a ltd company for £15


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Don't involve wives and/or girlfriends - keep business business and private private.

When my ex set up his own company the more I knew the more I worried about too much. Then having to have decisions made between the two partners then each taking it home to discuss with the wives made everything so time consuming and fraught that it put a lot of pressure on the partnership - especially when the wife didn't agree with the original decision.

Get wife/gf onboard for moral support but draw the lines at the beginning.

P.s good luck :)

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