Starting phase 2

A sense of humour!
Get through it, put up with it, try hard and get out of there as fast as you can to get into the real Army. If you get the chance to have a say-go for first line.


Take what you think you need. Like everyone else you will take thinks you don't need, forget things you do and have some great times with people you'll remember for the rest of your life.
What course you on?

Take a Laptop and a Car.
A laptop, christ Bordon was a ******* depressing place when I returned there on a course. Rather than having everyone tanked up in the bar the place was full of dimly lit screens with people prodding at the laptops.

Mark The Convict

Commonplace in the Bns here apparently. Instead of the diggers going out on the piss and trying to pull, they're all in their rooms on their Xbox or whatever!
Phase 2 recruits with a car and a laptop......
Main tip is keep away from Peroxide Pat or i hear the last 15 years her daughters ding the rounds but don't know how true always go out on the piss with protection...and as already said a sense of humour. One good thing you will get introduced to is the Kebab van.
Peroxide Pat, I remember her well. She told me her name was Trish, and it never sunk in that was short for Patricia. What was worse was when she said morning honey while I was in the A branch, she was serving in the small tuck shop. Even asked what I wanted for tea that night, the shame of it.....Wonder if her daughter is better than she was!!!

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