Starting Phase 1 April 15th Royal Artillery

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Hi Guys,

I am sure this has been covered before, but am tired of searching through endless threads in which people are going wildly off topic.

I am due to start phase 1 training at Bassingbourne Barracks on the 15th of April, joining Royal Artillery as Light Gunner Crewman. Can anyone advise what level of fitness i should be at for my start date. I ran 1.5 mile at ADSC in 10:18, i can manage 30 push ups and 40 sit ups.

I would aslo like any advice or tips on what i should have with me that isn't on the kitlist.

Many Thanks,

The fitter the better, but dont worry about it too much, youve already passed adsc and you'll be built up to the fitness levels they require.
From what I have read on here over the last year, your 1.5mile time is now slipping in to unimportance in comparison with your ability to do longer endurance runs now that you have passed ADSC. Personally, I would get out doing more 3-10 mile runs at a steady pace and see if you can build up your endurance like that.

I have no idea how many push ups and sit ups you will have to do during PT sessions or as punishments, but I would suggest doing 2/3rds of your max-reps one in a morning and again before bed at night for 5 nights a week until you start. This should do a lot not only for the number you can do on demand, but should also strengthen your arms/back/core which will all help greatly for tabbing on rough ground.

Don't take it as gospel as I am still in recruitment myself, but it seems pretty logical to me.

Good luck with P1.
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