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Discussion in 'REME' started by mayfair, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Hey arrsers! I have recently applied to join the army and the role im hopefully going to fill is that of an armourer or weapons system engineer if you prefer the long winded version!

    Anyway what i'd like to know is could anyone suggest any kind of reading/study material that would give me a leg up on the training to come? Im not working ATM and have nothing but time to fill!

    So far ive passed my BARB (scored 64) and am waiting on my medical coming back from my GP then i guess its off to selection, with any luck!

    I think i have the fitness side in hand, knocking out 50 sit ups/press up and do a 2.5m run in 18 mins ish

    Personally i thought sticking my head between old GCSE maybe higher level english and maths books wouldnt do any harm (esp english as this post is no doubt riddled with errors as some grammar nazi's will take pride in pointing out) and familiarising myself with the basics of the army inventory as best i can through books

    Before anyone says, yes i have used the search function and read about 10 threads that have dropped some useful knowledge bombs on me

    I am already a blackbelt in the arts of top shelf grumble and have a phobia of daylight which i hear should stand me in good stead!

    Any useful advice welcome and cheers in advance
  2. If you've searched through the huge amounts of armourer threads what else could you possibly need to know.

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  3. Just make sure you wipe your fingerprints off any pistol you fire, have a good stash of Porn and a bit of Black on as many Officers as you can.
  4. If you go to a guards unit you will end up with every guardsman on camp asking for you to polish their capbadge. The best way to end this is to bend it on the buffing wheel followed by straightening it out with some pliars. They never came back.

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  5. Why an armourer? You'll just end up as a fat alkie with a string of failed relationships and more fatherless kids than UNICEF.
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  6. Oi, I resemble that remark.

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  7. You say that like its a bad thing.
  8. My advice would be learn how to fix guns and shit. Start off by stripping water pistols and progress up to spud guns.
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  9. Why would you do that? Ours make a wedge buffing grenades and belt buckles.
  10. It was to make a point, I was going through a combined 6 and 12 monthly inspection coupled with changing out all the battalions flash eliminators so everything was ready for them to deploy and all the kit would be in date, I had zero time for anything else yet people kept asking, it was the only reasonable response.

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  11. My top tip would be don't keep an illegally held pistol or ammunition under your bed. However if you do and get caught simply get your missus to bitch like hell about you being banged up to the media and all will be well.
  12. You know, if armourers spent less time playing Warhammer they might have more time to do armourer things, just saying like.
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  13. I would like to point out three things which hold true.

    1. Those models won't paint themselves.
    2. That beer won't drink itself.
    3. That violent Japanese pornography won't watch itself.

    Bearing those in mind, how am I supposed to fit any work into my day?

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  14. Actually the last armourer caught being a naughty boy with firearms is currently enjoying a stint elsewhere.

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  15. Is that the blokey serving with the Argylls?

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