Starting my own army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pitster, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. We're having one of those Friday morning "what would I do if i won the £88million Euromillions jackpot" conversations this morning. The blokes here are predictably after cars and girls (no bad thing) but I would be more inclined to buy an island and start my own private militia.

    I would recruit Arrse members as soldiers/camp followers (that's followers of the camp, as opposed to followers who are camp) and I would of course be a ruthless dictator and Field Marshall, having awarded my self copious amounts of fruit salad.

    Who's in? I will recruit from the top-down, so will need a General, a couple of Lt. Generals and, hmm, say 4 Maj. Generals to be getting on with. So who's in? Let me know why I should recruit you and try to stop this Friday getting any more dull :x
  2. can I be a fat stripey with 2 years left to push for his pension?
  3. Can i be a camp follower?
  4. USMarineX may want to get involved, perhaps as a general (apparently he is more knowledgable than Sun Tsu), however as he is a walt we may need to send him to basic training first.
  5. I'd like to be one or all of the following: QM, Paymaster, OC Armoury or Torturer in Chief.
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Put me down for Lt general. Don't want to be in charge, much prefer someone else to take the flack.
    And, can we invade soewhere nice? Mallorca? Bermuda? Lesbos?
  7. Make me a General and I'll build you an army worthy of Mordor!
  8. Put me down and parade square sweeper, grass painter, guardroom bell polisher please. Oh the happy days!
  9. May I be head of your Bureau Of Public Safety, Ton Ton Macouts, NKVD or whatever you are going to call your gang of psychotic kitten killers??

    I can supply my own anal probes.............................
  10. Can I be in charge of the Female soldiers laundry :lol:

    I will set up a small shack at the bottom of the Island called:-

    Dirty Nicks Sniffomat

    All soiled "female" panties free, no stain too tuff
  11. 3 Para Mortars parchance?
  12. So I can be clear, we will get Friday afternoons off wont we?
  13. may aswell stay where i am (RM) if i want Friday afternoons off :)
  14. I wish!! :twisted:
  15. I'll volunteer for Provo Corporal. I always wanted to be a fat, lazy gobshite. Mind you, I'd have to suck the RSM's c*ck, so scratch that.

    Are you forming a Wmoen's Auxilliary Balloon Corp?