Starting gun fired for Summary Care Record roll-out

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by GP3_Bunny, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Health enters the 21st Cent

    Latest deployment statistics and information

    The facts and figures below are correct as at Friday 9 March 2007, unless stated otherwise.

    Choose and Book
    Over two and three quarter million (2,872,317) bookings have been made to date.
    Choose and Book is being used for over 36% of NHS referral activity from GP surgery to first outpatient appointment.
    Choose and Book has now achieved over 18,000 bookings (on 22 January 2007) in a single day.
    Over 85% of all GP practices have used Choose and Book to refer their patients to hospital.
    The number of bookings made last week was 83,696.

    Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
    Over 14 and a half million (14,683,150) prescription messages have now been issued electronically.
    607,805 prescription messages were issued electronically in the last week.
    Over 85% of community pharmacists have registered for the Smartcard required to access EPS.
    2,280 GP practices have had technical upgrades to the new system. Over two thirds (1,678) of these practices are actively operating the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).
    3,857 pharmacy systems have had technical upgrades to the new system.
    EPS is being used for over 8% of daily prescription messages.

    National Network for the NHS (N3)
    Approximately 1.2 million NHS employees now have access to the new broadband network N3, about 86% of the total NHS workforce.
    N3 can save the NHS an estimated £900m over seven years, relative to previous and remaining NHSnet contracts.
    There have now been 18,664 connections to N3 and 98% of GP practices are connected to the network.
    When complete N3 will be one of the largest Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in the world.

    There are 76 Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) from NHS Connecting for Health now live across all five clusters.
    178,951,292 images have been stored using PACS from NHS CFH
    Over 50 per cent of trusts in the NHS in England are now using Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) technology.
    PACS has been used for 8,172,884 patient studies.
    We are currently deploying approximately four PACS a month.

    NHS CFH staff have migrated to NHSmail.
    An average of 953,377 messages are sent/received across the NHSmail platform daily.
    When migration is complete NHSmail will have over one million users - the largest private, fully-featured, secure, single-domain e-mail service in the world.

    The number of users registered for NHSmail, the national NHS email and directory service is increasing every week.
    There are now 236,652 registered users.
    A hotline has been set up by NHS CFH to help nurses and midwives to register for their NHSmail email account. The hotline number is 0845 300 5845 and lines are open 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

    Smartcard registration
    There are 333,029 Smartcard holders who are registered and approved for access to the Spine.
    Registered users will be able to access, subject to appropriate controls, a patient"s clinical and demographic information electronically.
    Quality Management and Analysis Service (QMAS)
    QMAS has 28,365 users across all 8,659 GP sites in England.

    GP2GP Transfer
    GP2GP has now been used for 4,294 medical record transfers.
    544 GP practice systems now have access to GP2GP.
    There are 1.3 million visits every month to the website which is managed by NHS CFH.

    200 NHS sites have systems upgraded every month under the National Programme for IT.
    There are 1,700 visits to sites to plan deployments every month.
  2. Did you know that 96.5% of all statistics are made up?
  3. Only 87% of the time!
  4. A survey carried out by Populus showed strong public support for the creation of the electronic care records system.

    The survey of 1,006 adults in England in November 2006. That showed that 81% of the population supported the creation of an electronic database for medical records.

    82% of 25-34 year olds think the new electronic system will be more effective in allowing medical staff to find the information they need on patients, wherever they are in England.

    The majority of those interviewed thought that electronic records would be more effective than the current paper system.

    Almost 80% said they would be happy for their medical records to be transferred to an electronic system if they were given the choice :headbang:
  5. [/quote]

    Private Eye - 60, 000 per week - still only 30 per cent of the target rate.

    Number of hospital administration systems due by 31/03/07 = 155
    Number installed by 3/2/2007 = 16

    Number of clinical record systems due by 31/3/2007 = 149
    Number installed = 0