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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by miotti, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. I passed selection last week and I am starting Catterick on 20th of January, only thing im worried about is that im not a big lad im 18 and slightly average build will I struggle? also any other help and tips for when I go thanks :D
  2. Who you joining mate I'm going 20th too
    I think as long as you passed bag lift adsc should be fine they don't expect you be soldier through door.

    If your worried about it you got 3 months do some compound exercises before go like squats, deadlift how I got bigger when I was younger but don't over do I'd think cv more important
  3. Im going in as 1st Royal Welsh mate prince of wales division,
  4. There are plenty of small soldiers. The one's I know of are crazier and regarded as harder than some of the big lads. It's your attitude that will build your reputation in the Army, not your size. You can become a gym queen and build yourself up over time. Welcome to Arrse.
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    Don't forget to buy your full stops and commas for your basic kit list.
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  6. I'm in exactly the same boat as you, passed ADSC two weeks ago and I'm on the 20th of Jan intake for The Rifles. I have set myself a Army Preperation Programme, which I have certain targets to reach and I do it every other day working in different areas. Its progressive and should have me in a decent state by the time I start in January, I go for a 30-40 minute run on a monday (with weight more than 10KG) an intense workout on a Wednesday, cycling, rowing and stuff such as that on Friday and I finish the week with either going swimming or an hour long brisk walk. I also not a big lad and 18, but remember we're all going to feeling the same as we go through it together, just need to support one another.
  7. Be very careful using weight, as the potential for injury to cause you to miss your start date is a very real possibility. In fact many on here would probably advise you not to. You will be taught the correct way in a controlled environment how to carry and run with weight, whilst at Catterick.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I have been weary of injury so I have been trying to avoid pushing my self too much. But my mate who just passed out gave me that tip, all runs should be done with some form of weight.

  9. Grammar nazi!

    Thank **** don't need English language qualification to be in the British army
  10. I've also been warned not to do any weighted runs before basic was told this by recruiter and also mate just passed out of rifles.

    Something to do with that they build you up gradually at basic so doesn't injure you, I'd say train how you like but don't push weights to hard
  11. I can see why he said it to you. He wants you to have a headstart. As Benkins said, i can't tell you what to do either, just don't go mad with it, and do loads of stretching.
  12. I was 16 and not a big lad when i first started depot,yeah i didnt breeze it but didnt find anything impossible either , the same as everyother bod i trained with and everyone who has been a recruit.
    with the right attitude youll be sound, message me if you want to know anything and i'll try help
  13. January??? deep intake of breath, you are gonna be too cold to be worrying about anything =-D
  14. a few of us are joining then join the fb page