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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ally133, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Alright peeps, anybody starting basic at lichfield on 02 january 2007? just wondering because that is when i am starting, cheers
  2. is it not done at bassingbourne anymore???
  3. I believe all training for Royal Signals is now done at either ATR Litchfield or ATR Pirbright.
  4. Good luck mate,
    it aint the real army,
    the real army is GREAT
    FREE CLOTHES, LOADS OF MONEY(if you look after it), cheap food and every now and again you get to go on holiday to somewhere warm and occsionally cold

    Work hard and have a good one :)
  5. Still lots of lovely Trend at 30SR.

    Good luck Ally.
  6. TRENDS?!?!?! Hell's teeth, they must be knocking on a bit now. You'll be telling me there are still some T100's knocking around as well (after all, they were pretty well indestructible!!!)


    PS. Good luck matey - try to enjoy it, and no matter what, you can do it - even if you feel you can't at the time!!!

  7. Trends - their a dream - Cosser's are what nightmares are made of - printing printing about to jam printing stop's jamming about to shredd shredding 3ply paper - Bo!locks after 2 lines of text, normally when the switch has faulty cards (con,fac,show)

    Rumour mill - the officer who knew cosser was useless had a back hander and his kids put through uni. Wa*nker

    Head down and keep going,pain is all in the mind, when yours limbs hurt like never before - you'll be surprise how much more you still have in the tank if the mind is willing - if you pass - you'll meet and befriend people for the rest of your days on this planet - people that will drop all to help you if you need it.

    Think how proud you folks will be when you pass out - always gave me the power to carry on.

  8. Is that the same officer whose surname sounds like a basil brush type animal and whose father managed to pinch a couple of million quid whilst working in procurement (to$$er still owes me a pair of tropics he borrowed in 96)
  9. cheers lads, i'll give it my all, and hopefully pass out!
  10. I wish you all the best Ally. But you want to be passing off. not passing out. It won't go down well with your folks watching, if you flake on the square.
    Just think, if you get through phase one -sorry when you get through phase one you have Sunny Blandford to look forward to!
    Good luck.
  11. Blandford the home of the School of Dancing - Tiffs. And the drug hole from hell - Choughs.

    You'll love it down here. If its still here then.
  12. Has the place really got that bad?
    I remember Blandford as being a happy place where the sun always shined! -you're right ST maybe it was the drugs!!

    Kidding aside Ally you'll be fine. Hopefully you'll be kept far too busy with your trade training and looking after your kit, to be getting involved with a member of permanent staff, drinking in drug dens while talking about the latest trainee who tried to top themselves!

    Head down, work hard, remember why you joined and stay away from the losers with bad attitudes. You should leave basic training with the right attitude. It's up to you to keep motivated.

    Good luck mate.
  13. cheers lads
  14. I am at Lichfield on that day Ally, only cus I work there......... see you soon.....

  15. Im going in, in March 2007, ive put down that i want to join as a Specialist Op.... what i want to know from you guys is, is this good or bad? Any of you chaps a Spec Op?

    Anyway thanks and i await your replys.