Starting Basic Monday 21st

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by dan_UB4, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. I did my selection at Pirbright last Thursday, phoned my careers office yesterday and he told me im going on Monday. I am really shocked at how quickly I got that date.

    What can i expect from basic in the 1st week and how can i prepare in such short time?
  2. When I joined in '92 I was worried that I'd passed all my interviews but hadn't heard from the careers office for a month, so I rang them on a Friday and discovered they had my file in the wrong place! Instead of joining the RA they had me joining the POW! The result of this was I had to report to Woolwich on the following Monday, that's short notice.

    You should already be well into preperation for joining and the best thing you can do now is have a great leaving party.

    Don't worry about what to expect in the first week, there is nothing you can do about it. Good luck :wink:
  3. Be under no illusion, you will face a lifestyle change, but you get used to it, and it's the best lifestyle in the world!!! Don't take things to heart, and you should do alright!!
  4. You should have been given a list of all the items you will be required to take with you. Double up on the toiletries (one set to use and one set for inspections) Get plenty of polish (kiwi black) you will need it. A decent iron will help also and remember; keep the ears open and the mouth shut and things will be ok.

    Good luck!
  5. i think that everyone (army or ex) will tell you that your in for a big culture shock! the first 5 weeks were the hardest id say "well was for me anyway" id just turned 19 and had only worked away from home for a few weeks at a time plus i had a little baby girl too. Dont really know what its like for corps training but im guessing all phase 1 is the same for all recruits but in the infantry you get pretty much beasted until week then all the pvr's are gone and you pass out off the square in week 5 by this time they know you want to be there and start treating you like human its all part of breaking you down and building you back up.....but dont take anything i say as gospel cos this was in 1997 but im guessing its pretty much the same now "although i have heard something scary about this red card yellow card thin...hope its all lies though"...good luck mate and enjoy, keep your head down and work'll enjoy it and remember the fitter you are mentally aswell as phisicaly the easier it will be ; )
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The best practical thing you can do is get all your admin sorted out now: you don't want any 'off the field' dramas taking place while you're trying to knuckle down in basic. Get yourself sorted out with toiletries, iron, boot cleaning kit etc etc.

    I suppose it won't do any harm to go for a few runs; and you could swab your feet in surgical spirit before you go to bed every night to toughen the skin but realistically, it isn't going to make much difference at this late stage.

    Finally, enjoy it, keep your sense of humour and good luck.
  7. Take in all that is said, Don't be a gobby cnut, and enjoy it. It's the best time of your life.

    Good luck fella.
  8. plasters of various sizes coz no matter how you prepare you will get blisters, cuts and grazes. pain killers as well - they will help you sleep if you have a niggly pain or stinging cut.

    a very decent pair of running shoes will set you up for your career and prevent alot of the injuries us old c~nts carry.

    and don't forget a good sense of humour - you will definately need that! :D

    Best of luck Dan
  9. hey rifle green.....didnt know they let you use your own training shoe's! when i was there it was the hi-tec silver shadows "made you run like the wind" not!!!!
  10. I start basic for paras in July, and a few people have mentioned to double up on kit list for inspections. Can someone in the know just clarify why this is a good idea, and what should you basically double up on?

  11. Edwards159 wrote:
    The reason for doubling up on toileteries is that they get inspected every morning for cleanliness etc. and you will get beasted for everything thats picked up. It is a very good idea to have a set of gear for display only, that way it is always near perfect ( though something always gets picked up )
  12. Take in all of the above and for gods sake remember to back your sense of humour and many pinches of salt. You will get shouted at and beasted, but remember the staff are doing it to make you reach (and excell) the standards. they have a vested interest, there is a chance you could be covering their "advance to the rear" one day!

    Enjoy it, you make some of the best mates of your life frm now on in. And the "family" always look after their own! Even after you leave!

  13. The next Monday 21st isnt until November, so dont worry, you've got bags of time to get prepped. :roll:
  14. Anything that comes in a wrapper buy two, keep one in the wrapper and use for the locker layout, two sets of boot brushes, one to use, one for show, same with razors, polish sweat sticks etc. Change the water in ones water bottle immediatley prior to inspection or one will find the contents of ones locker moving by numbers to the window (always a little dust on the surface of the water, last resort for the B'stard that can find nothing wrong with ones layout!)

    Running shoes?

    I quote; "hey rifle green.....didnt know they let you use your own training shoe's! when i was there it was the hi-tec silver shadows "made you run like the wind" not!!!! "

    All I had was Boots DMS for running, and Plimsols Black, PT for the use of!
  15. Oh, and it is "a family", occasionally the gobby sibling gets slapped, so cakehole shut, ears open, and move everywhere at the double, can't go wrong!

    Basic? Loved it!