Starting basic for Household Cavalry 20th January, will I miss Afghanistan?

Hello all.

Received my letter yesterday saying I start basic training at ATR Winchester on 20th January next year. As it is the current policy that all recruits go to HCMR for 2 years before HCR, and that the government's intention is to withdraw combat troops from Afghanistan in 2014, is it likely I'll miss a tour there? I'll be pretty disappointed if that's the case, I'd like to have at least 1 tour of Afghanistan.


I'd say you're too late. But you neve know.

I'll just consult my crystal ball. Awmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
When I joined way back (very way back), NI was kicking off, I volunteered, I never got sent, in the interim I wanted to go to every damn war zone going, for the medal, for the kudos, for the gloryl. I only managed a couple, and in every one I lost a friend or colleague one way or another. Nothing special, no heroics, one even died when he got killed by a bus whilst riding a bike! It doesnt matter how you get it really does it. When we/I were young and eager we all wanted to go, now after life has kicked the shit out of us just be careful what you wish for.

Be a bit of a pisser if you went down as the last British soldier to get killed in Afghanistan eh! But please dont let this cynical old scroat put you off, I enjoyed the best part of 24 years in the mob, I hope you do to.
Someone will along who's still serving, I've been out 11 years now. I know it's seems shite going Mounted first, but believe me, your admin and soldiering skills will be better after a couple of years in HCMR. The army is never quite and even more so since bloody NATO got there hands in to things. Within 5 years there will be somewhere else to go, trust me.

HCR has some very bigwig people in it and also with the 16 air assault (Was 5th Airborne when I was there, the 25 air mobile) you'll find one squadron ends up gonig somewhere.

You'll got a gong, even remember not all troops will withdrawl, there will be a few left in postings, but you'll get a tour when you leave HCMR. But for the first 2 years just go out and get wasted in the centre of London and trap off with nurses and tourists and ENJOY it!

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