starting at pirbright on the 18th

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by walllster, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. anyone heard of this extra 3 weeks for female SUT'S? been told theres nothing military based during the 3 week period then it's straight into basic training after that...... anyone any clues?

    also any tips on what to take with me? i downloaded a list of official items i need to take from the pirbright mini sight but is there anything i could take that would help?

    thanks - loz :? :oops:
  2. post the mini site on here please, Whats a SUT's ?
  3. I've been told the 3 weeks is all sports, aimed at getting us girls to the right fitness level to start basic. Not sure how its going to work though!
  4. I start 24th Feb! All girls now have to do the 3 weeks PT whether you need it or not, I've heard they are doing it has a 1yr trail but not sure if that's true, anyway i wouldn't bother taking much more than whats on the list maybe just a few more home comforts but be aware what you take as there is a lot of thiefs cutting around!

    Good luck and hope you do well
  5. take more money than stated on the initial £10-20 as you will probaly need something more expensive in the shops there :) , more socks & underwear than stated, and definatley load up on black boot polish, kiwi type, (dont go for parade gloss)
  6. Nice to see that trust exists between soldiers! I'm fairly sure that not many people will be interested in the pics of the family pet, or your mother.

    Actually, some might be interested in the picture of your mother. :)
  7. maybe your mp3 player!
  8. ha ur not getting a picture of my ma! lol cheers guys thanks for that looking forward to the sports then as i'll miss the rest of the hockey season :( gutted actually we haven't lost a game yet just my luck!! 17 days to go can't wait finally get out of working in a bowling alley - its not good for the soul! cheers guys - lozza :crash:
  9. good luck
  10. you should get the up to date joining instructions when you attest (sign your contract) which will list everything you need and give you up to date information on your precific course. I used to tell my applicants to take around £20-£50 just to tie you over but you will get around £50 on your first pay parade on the Wed/Thurs. Just make sure you take everything on the kit list (even if you dont use it) as you dont want to upset your platoon staff. Its going to be hard but remember everyones in the same boat so just grit your teeth and go for it.

    Good luck
  11. Hiya, do you get to do much sports during phase 1 training then if we have an extra 3 wks fitness? :)
  12. are you starting training on the 18 nov 2007 is that the intake day ?
  13. yeh iv spoken to a few other people starting that date :)