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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Boxy, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. I'm looking at getting into this whole deer stalking and shooting thing...been given 1200 acres that needs 18 Deer a year culled so I better get my finger out and start the process, got a gun cabinet coming, my brother in law who is seriously into the whole scene is willing to 'mentor' me and take me through the application process so I'm sorted there.
    What I'd like to know from the wisdom of ARRSE is what would be the best start up rifle, I've been looking at Tikka T3s Varmit but am open to other suggestions.

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  2. Go for the Tikka T3 but don't bother with the Varmint, unless you fancy target shooting and intend to shoot from a vehicle (on foxes of course :) ). The standard .243 T3 in wood or synthetic will shoot sub 1/2" MOA all day long and will take 55gr up to 100gr without complaint. For headshots on deer the 75gr Remington Accutip shoots excellently with the T3.
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  3. Which Force covers you Boxy?
  4. I'm in Avon and Somerset, just wondering. All the best for the .243.
  5. I think best thing to do is try out as many different rifle as possible,meaning do they fit with you.also how much do you want to spend.t3 is cheaper than sako?
  6. Tikka and Sako are the same company, and have the same barrels. In the past the Sako 75 was noticeably higher grade than the Tikka T3 but now, as far as finish and accuracy there is little in it.
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  7. Should get you rifle and scope if you get a secondhand scope. Don't skimp on the scope mounts as the Sako/Tikka ones are solid and preserve the scope body very well. That should bring you up to £1200 with a S/H S&B.