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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rupert-bleep, Oct 4, 2004.

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  1. Just out of interest. armourer gave a list of the top ten countries he would like to invade. he only mentioned france and wales...who would you invade and why.
    1. France because they are french and smell.
    2. Poland...seems to be historically correct.
    3. Lichtenstien..the most expensive coffee in the world.
    4. Wales to liberate the sheep
    5. Germany only cos we beat them at their national sport
    6. Italy..people riding around on vespas shouting Ciao!!
    7. Austraila....desendants of convicts flooding the world with crap music and soaps...
    8.Liliput...squash the midget fcukers.. :twisted:

    please discuss.
  2. Oh i nearly forgot...
    hull...i know its not country but i hate the place anyway :roll:
  3. I cant believe no one else wants to start a war anywhere...
    come on you stealie eyed dealers of death.. :twisted:
  4. Monaco: 'cos they speak French and there are so few of them, we'd kick their arrses with no problems.
  5. ahh peace through superior fire power :twisted:
  6. -------------------
  7. And pond life. I suppose they may be one and the same thing :wink:
  8. vatican it...wierdo left footers
  9. I'm not so sure, some pond life is capable of independent thought :wink:
  10. True, some residents of Harlow you'd be watering if they had any less brain cells 8O
  11. Water them? I wouldn't urinate on them if they were on fire :)
  12. nowt wrong with comming from essex :x
  13. nothing much wrong with coming in something comeing from essex either :wink: :lol:
  14. Yeah, I agree Hull, it's more full of sh*te than my colon.
  15. I like your though process on these ones well done. You did forget a couple
    1) Cornwall - They speak funny in those parts
    2) America - Just so we can get rid of these tossers and become a power again
    3) Any country that speaks french or has had any french connections