Start training, to deployment (Herrick 16)


If i started TA inf training now and got on a November/December CIC is there a chance of me getting on Herrick 16?
Was told by my prospective unit quite emphatically that they would expect me to be on 17 or 20 to fill quotas but this is when i plan to be at Uni, whilst others at the unit said it would be ok for me to transfer to a TA unit near university and go from there.. Also this unit seems to do winter tours only is it even possible to get on a summer tour, and how soon from training can you apply for one?
I will be trying to ask these questions when i next speak to them but received conflicting answers when i was there and didn't learn much just filled out loads of forms.
After reading on the normal ta forum about tours being expected I don't want to let anyone down by committing myself to something...
Many thanks - sorry for the long post!


Thanks for the reply mate, pretty annoyed i cant get on it! I'm hoping to do summer challenge and have from June free so i'll see if there are courses i can go on etc. that may increase my chances!
Best of luck to you for predeployment and the tour!
If you are at university, I would if I was you get your degree finished first. I know the MOD/Army do not complusory mobilise st,udents in full time education, your education should come first as this is more important than 6 months in the sun! As previous posters have said there will be plenty of opperunities in the future to deploy.

i did summer challenge in 2010 and im away on herrick 15. i cant imagine having gone any quicker. im just finishing off a degree now and know some dudes who went in the middle of their studies. they said that it was probably a bad move cos getting shot at made lectures seem pointless and irrelevant when they got back. but if youve got your hearts set on it then a winter tour would be a better idea cos you can just take a year off uni rather than sloping off halfway through one year and arriving late for the next. good luck


I see what youre saying STILTS and i'll make sure that it stays no1 priority however a tour is something i'm very keen to do so i think i'll get trained and take it from there.
Many thanks all and best of luck screwloose!

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