Start Training - 9 days (July 24th)

Well 1st off its my first time on the forums so id like to say a big hello :D. My names Alex, im male, 17 and from the UK, im 18 on July the 23rd and go right to training on July 24th, kinda nervous as its finally hit home as to what im gonna be getting into. Currently on about 11.55 for 1.5 run, can do about 15 press-ups without a break and i can pump out loadsa situps "if" i got my feet under something. As for chinups, couldnt bring myself to do any at selection, and still cant now, havent been able to have access to a gym and only have around a month to prepare for basic, so ive kinda jumped right in the deepend with my armbands!!!!!!

I have motivation, easy to get along with, will help my colleges and self determination to push myself, mind over matter as they say, ive been doing what i can on the army training scheme that i received in my booklet after passing Selection at Glencorse. Ive been revising alot of stuff that i thought might come up etc etc, so i just hope im ready. On a level of fitness from 1 to 10 im about 7, would this be okay for basic training? as really their main aim is to get me the fittest ive ever been.

I suppose im here for some reassurance that im doing the right thing, that my fitness wont let me down, any tips or the "heads up" on whats to come would be brilliant, thanks very much for your help..

P.S im joining up into the Royal Armoured Corps, hopefully 9th/12th Lancers =]

Thanks, alex.

*EDIT* Just incase anyone is wondering, im doing my basic @ ATR Winchester.
On a level of fitness from 1 to 10 you are not 7, you are more of a 4.
You need to concentrate on your upper body and cardio, i.e. get running every other day and practice press-ups whenever you get the chance because my little sister can do more than 15 press ups. Lay off the fat boy macdonalds, drink more water, try joining a gym, try swimming, go to a local park or somewhere and practice pull-ups on the bar. I go to circuit training sessions at my local sports centre, the army uses circuit training aswell because it is possibly the best sort of exercise you can do, i would definately advise you to find somewhere you can do circuit training, its usually only as hard as you make it as with most PT in civvy street but you sound like you have a good attitude so you should be alright.
Good luck
You should be aiming for 9:30 on the Run,a lad your age should be coming in at 8:30 ! It might not be what you want to hear but as the saying goes The Truth Hurts...On another note at least you've got the bottle to join up and have a crack at it and your not one of those nuggets down the Pub that you will meet later on in life that will say "i was gonna join up",trust me kid this conversation will take place ! Hope all goes well for you and best of luck in Depot...
I will not echo the advice already given on here, but just to warn you off the mile and a half at Winchester is a slow climb uphill for 50 percent then flat for about 25 percent with a little downhill at the end (do the math). So with a time like 11:55 you will struggle as the hill takes it out of your legs.

Dont worry though, I was 28 when I went through basic and I ran a 9:50 at the start and 9:10 at the end so with a bit of dedication before you go you will have a good foundation to get you through. Just remember that the pain you feel will make you want to stop so push through it and dont let your mind defeat your body.

Was gonna dig out some cliches there but you got plenty time for all that lol :D

Best of luck mate and work hard.


War Hero
Your fitness may not be the best but it seems like you have the right attitude, the fitness will be bestowed upon you in the manner they see fit ;)


Keep up the running and strength training, you'll certainly improve with time. Even if you're not that fit now, you'll certainly get fit during basic training!

You'll be fine! All the best! :D
Cheers guys =] Went running with a mate today, so i wasnt really thinking about the length of time etc whilst i was running and 40 mins was over before i even knew it and i wasnt as worn out as usual, those 15 pressups were what i could do before selection, im on 22 now, thats pausing for 2/3 seconds and holding the position to allow my arms to get use to it. Thanks for the support, i dont wana be a lay-about all my life, i wana do smth with it and for as long as i can remember all thats intrested me is army army army.. so lets hope i do well :D.

Looking forward to it, nervous, but yet excited, i know i wont sleep the night before i have to leave :O
That's the attitude fella. Just remember a few things.

Training is not the Army.

But when you are in the Army, after training...

Take advantage of all the courses, etc you can. Become a course monster and you'll leave with a glowing CV.

Use the 175 quid a year education grant. Maybe look at the Open University in a few years.

Save. I really wish I knew the value of money when I was in. You could easily save a couple of houndred quid a month and still go out on the piss all the time.

Enjoy the Army, I had a fantastic eight years, and I met a fantastic bunch of blokes.

Oh yeah, and bag up!!!!!
A tip for the press-ups and sit ups. Do them in reps of ten as then you will not tire your muscles as quickly as if you were banging them out as quick as possible. A top comment that a PTI told me and believe me it helped me.
Hey Alex,

You should definately be doing more press ups! When I first started, I had a tough time doing 10 in one go, but I kept at it everyday and was doing 30 in one go, and then 10s after that, doing up to 60 in 2 minutes (which isn't even that good). It's not that hard and if you do them every day, you WILL see yourself improve very quickly.

Your run is a bit slow at the moment, but you should be looking at >10, but you're armour, so whatever... but keep at it! Surprised you can't even do one heave though, are you a big lad? But don't worry too much right now, once you start basic, as long as you put the effort in, they'll help you improve and you'll be proud of how far you've come.

Coincidently my name is also Alex, my birthday today and I am also joining the RAC (9/12th might be an option), not got a date for basic yet, but it'll be in August most likely. Maybe out paths will cross in the next few months. Good luck.
Yeh hopefully :D. Nah not a big lad atall really, yeh it will probally be August when you'll be going in, as it was either gonna be July or August for me and i got July =]. Cheers for the tip, and as for my heaves not sure why i cant really bring myself to do one, perhaps just not enough upper body strength =[ - How many is an acceptable amount of pressups and pullups for a basic recruit? Because im pretty sure your tested on it right?
Buddy i'm not long out of training, im sure you will be fine! Just be "Green and Keen" and you will be fineiKeep it up buddy, and if ya wanna knw anything else about training, gimme a PM!
I've been working on my upper body strength and run times for about three month now, after ten years of relative inactivity. It hurts a lot but ditto what others have said here - it's a mental thing and you just push through it.

It's amazing how quickly you begin to notice results, in those three month i've trebled the amount of sit ups and push ups I can do. The downside is of course that rather than getting easier you increase the number of reps/time you run etc so it's still as punishing as day one! The Nike slogan's good to remember; Just do it!

Good luck, hope everything works out how you want.
In my experience after three months of weight training the upper body tests are piece of p*ss but ive never been able to grasp the cardio issues, some advice on this would be appreciated please?
:D Only 7 days left....

Here's my halfpenceworth.....

Its too late to train now, so eat like a føcking horse for the next week, and wnak yourself silly, 'cos if the DS are doing their job properly, you'll have no energy for wnaking till the end! :D
Tis' a shame to enter training when the weather is this good!
I'm so glad I had a March entry date.
Speedy said:
Tis' a shame to enter training when the weather is this good!
I'm so glad I had a March entry date.
Mine was in January, litter picking at 6 am in ill fitting coveralls, føcking freezing, character building they called it!! :lol:
biscuits said:
Speedy said:
Tis' a shame to enter training when the weather is this good!
I'm so glad I had a March entry date.
Mine was in January, litter picking at 6 am in ill fitting coveralls, føcking freezing, character building they called it!! :lol:

Yeah running up Heartbreak Hill in full NBC kit, weapon and helmet to 'celebrate' my 17th b'day at Pirbright was called Character Building.
ah heartbreak hill, many memories

especially doing laps of heartbreak, A and E, and concrete, definate character building

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