Start Thinking Soldier??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gunner212, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. They remind me of the old style of video about 10 years ago? when they had the decision to make in the advert and at the end of the break tey would show you the proper answer like putting the blanket on the engine of the ladny.
  2. Just did it on the website, utter shite IMO, not once in my career have I had to make a decision like the ones in start thinking soldier and most certainly not as a private.
    It's all one massive recruitment con!
  3. Of course you havent........... your a bint! (no offence) So you are not going to be attacking enermy positions. we leave that stuff to men folk :D

    Anyway, DONT take cover behind shite boxes that are obvious, and would not stop a .22. Stay away from the front gate but blow a couple of holes in the walls for entry :wink:
  4. Thought about this the other day..... The bomb factory advert.

    1. I wouldn't call air support as the soldiers are in close proximety to the bomb factory, so depending on the amount of explosives in there, the soldiers could get tangled in the blast themselves. :?

    2. I wouldnt kick the door in because the enemy have probly already thought of that scenario and boobie trapped the door or have machine guns lined up there. :?

    3. I did think blow the wall as it is a surprise attack. But I am not sure has anyone got the correct answer :?
  5. ME! I've just told you, believe me it is a suprise when you use Explosive entry :twisted:
    And it might not be a bomb factory........ double bluff 8O
  6. Better safe than sorry...... :wink:
  7. What happens if it a bomb factory, and when you blow the wall its sets the stuff off...?
  8. You say that but do you remember "the bunker" in GW1. We knew Sadman had used that as a command bunker and then when we bomb it....
    full of civies :?
  9. I did the thing on the website. Apparently its the correct answer. Who would have guessed.
  10. Very difficult to initiate the type of kit they would have through Explosive entry. However if it did set off a bomb factory it just saves lots of time :D
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Fcuk!I thought it was a PIE factory in Bolton... :oops:
  12. Tbh, if it was a ginsters pie they probably use the same ingredients...
  13. I played it and I thought it was crap. It was all very patronising with all that "good decision, you would make a great soldier" nonsense. Surely it takes more to become a soldier than play this game.
    I chose to blow the wall. The IED making bit was stupid. The first time I did it I clicked on about 3 or 4 items. Then the gezzer says 'I counted about 10'. The next time I did it I clicked on everything in there even though I didn’t know what most of it was (one of the items looked like cigarettes).
    Then the tunnel was rubbish. Didn’t even need night vision goggles. And once it collapses, just walk about and you end up getting saved. Also couldn’t get debriefed.
  14. I loved it but got stuck in the tunnel.

    I think it will be successful at the age group it's aimed at.