Start phase 1 in June, criminal records check??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cmt_dan, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi i start phase 1 in june after already serving 4 years (left for a year now rejoining).

    anyway last year i went out drinking in town and ended the night with a assault charge against me (first offence ever and is unlike me to even have it!).

    anyway i told me recruiter about it around 5 months ago and he said it's no problem just remind him when i go to do my oath. i did my oath last week and he wasnt it and tbh i forgot about it.

    i start phase 1 in 2 weeks, what will happen if the recruiter forgot to put my assault charge on my records?

    is there another contract i have to sign when i get to phase 1? do they do security checks? what will happen if they find out about it?
  2. Did you declare it on your application form?
  3. I did not on my form as i forgot, but as soon as i got home (a hour later) i rang my recruiter and told him about it and he said no problem, remind me when you do your oath, so if he forgot to add it surely i cant get in trouble as i did actually tell him about it?
  4. Seems a lot of forgetfulness is happening. Is it Alzheimer's ?
  5. i think it might be!!, i only forgot the first time because it was completly a one off and was only a £50 fine anyway...
  6. How can you forget to put it on your forms?

    "Do you have any criminal convictions?" Isn't the most obscure of questions and unless you're a regular with the old bill, you're bound to remember being charged with assault within the last year.

    Common sense would suggest that you would have to sign some form of declaration/confirmation that you infact do have a criminal record, otherwise your ACO could add whatever he wanted on there and claim it was following your instruction - Not that they would do this, but in a world of red tape I'd be damn surprised if you didn't have to sign to confirm additional details following your initially completion of the forms.

    You really should ring your ACO/P1 contacts and state the situation and try ensure that there is either no problem or that you can resolve it prior to P1. Surely you don't want to run the risk of being thrown out of P1 if it appears that you lied on your application and possibly face a further criminal conviction for fraudulently entering your details on official documents?
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  7. One off or not, it really isn't hard to think back and realise "oh shit, I did get fined/charged that one time... I best put it down, just to be safe."
  8. I just rang my careers office and it was noted down that i mentiond it, i just need to go to the court and get a abstract of convictions to show its all been paid and it won't effect my start date at all. thanks for all the replies
  9. Good to hear it wont affect your entry.

    Good luck with P1 fella.
  10. thanks mate, where in Yorkshire you from? I'm from Bradford
  11. Good luck with P1 fella.​

  12. Did I send you that Alzheimer's joke?
  13. Good luck
  14. All I can say is that if they find out about the convictions when you start training they are much more likely to throw you out then, than now. I actually remember reading this the other day, that if you lie about certain things on your application and its found out once you start, you get insta thrown out.

    You have to decide whether you want to take the risk.
  15. Gooner, man up speak with the attesting officer ASP, all these convictions are well spent and shouldn't be an issue however your Integrity is now being called into question. Stop talking to people on the internet who haven't a clue about the Rehabiltation of offenders act and do it through the correct CofC ...its not going to be hard to work out who you are and will be far better coming from you than from Rumour control. Just get it sorted ASP.