Start of a coup in the US?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BIPOLAR77, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. You're fcking kidding right?
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  2. 4 guys would make for a pretty pathetic coup. I do remain hopeful however, that they be charged with violating Article 94 of the UCMJ, Mutiny and Sedition. They are clearly guilty of the latter, if not the former.
  3. Oh boy!
  4. As well as conspiracy to murder and murder among other things.

    They are nothing but scumbag criminals.
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  5. RJK

    RJK Swinger

    Why start a coup so close to the US Presidential election?
  6. Simply twisted little misfits. Every organization has a few. Given that over half a million wear Army blue as regulars not surprising a few nuts slip in.

    Despite the grandiose plans I doubt if they could get organized enough to take over an AAFES mini-mart.
  7. Makes sense, they're obviously well prepared, they've been practicing on us for years!
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  8. Not really coup territory but America has quite a history of Presidential assassinations, sometimes by folk even more marginal than these.
  9. Because the Republican candidates are that batshit insane that Obama's practically guaranteed a second term?
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  10. That's a little unfair, it's the GOP base that are batshit insane, they have huffed and puffed themselves into some very strange postions. Romney is just playing to them as he did to liberals in Massachusetts and the polls are pretty close. I think the Mormon is one of the dullest and sanest fellows to ever have a fighting chance of winning the oval office.
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  11. RJK

    RJK Swinger

    From what I been watching recently, it seems like Romney's got a pretty good chance of getting elected- its neck and neck, neither have broken free, Obama has had a rough term with the economy, and businessman Romney is lying, and saying he can fix it (unlikely!)
  12. Unless something very, very bad happens to the Obama campaign Romney has two hopes and one of them's a cargo ship. Yes, it will be close(ish) but as stands, I'll be very surprised if there's a change of incumbent.
  13. Chester A. Arthur.

    Buchanan, too. Referred to himself as the "Old Public Functionary". Great technocrat, micro-manager, incredibly intelligent, utterly ineffective. The office broke him at the end.

    Calvin Coolidge, too. One of my favorites actually, but incredibly dull. Called "Silent Cal" and "Old Sourpuss".

    At a dinner party, a woman approached him and said, "My friend bet me I couldn't get you to say more than three words to me." His reply: "You lose."
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  14. Arthur had a bit in common with Obama. Parents were UK (dad) and US (mum) and there was a question as to whether he was born in the US or Canada.