start joining today, am i ready?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by OIorDIE, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, great forum, loving how british the whole thing is, im pretty sure i saw a its a marathon in a european wrapper thread on my way in :)

    I have done my first non treadmill run today, i did 3 miles in 25 minutes

    yesterday i did 50 situps on my decline ab board in two or three minutes and the most pullups i can do is about 3 and 25 pushups till my face turns red and i nearly pass out.

    I was going to strt the process of joining today by getting to the AFCO after work, am i ready or will the few months before basic not offer enough time for me to get fit enough?

    I recently lost about 4 stone and quit cigs etc, started running and doing weights and did it all willpower to get in, but i have family in the services and they all seem like supermen compared to me atm.

    sorry for such a generic thread, i just dont want to waste the armies time if im way off the fitness required.

  2. A mod will lock this and tell you to use one of the many stickies.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about crazy fitness at the stage youre at. When you go to the AFCO they'll give you details of what level you need to be at for what job you choose to pass selection. Also, they'll give you a little booklet with a huge poster that has a 12 week training diary in it, the booklet will also give you nutritional information regarding foods.

    Please be under no illusion that you will suddenly be called to ADSC next week. The application process can be a long one so you have plenty of time to get fitter.

    At the moment if i was you id concentrate on doing the mock BARB tests on the army site as this is your first hurdle.

    Hope this helps
  4. i did my barb a year ago, i was going to join then, but my brother was sent to afghanistan and my mum was saying she couldnt cope with two sons in the forces so i promised her i would leave it till i my brother gets out, which he does this year.

    I went in and he said do you have a record, i said yes and he gave me a form to fill out and send off, but i said id bring my enhanced CRB in to show him, im sure i did all this last time, but i guess i will have to do it again, last time i did well on my barb so am hopin it wont be too hard this time.

    cheers for the advice, am going to go back in a few days with my CRB, passport, NIN etc and hopefully start the aplication process again.
  5. well good luck with it, i have to take my stuff in too and they said they will arrange a barb test for me for the next day so i will be doing mine too this week hopefully
  6. i did two tests, a barb test and another, some guy finished his test on the computer and then pressed the wrong button and had to come in and do it all over again haha.

    yeah good luck to you too matey.
  7. got my 3miles time down to 23 minutes, it feels like im going snails pace on the road compared to the treadmill, but the bbc clock does not lie lol
  8. You will be running quicker on the treadmill as the machine is doing most of the work for you.. :)
  9. i feel better running the road, i wont be going back to a treadmill anytime soon.

    11:30 each way equivellent, does that need alot of improvement for the infantry, i think im going to try and throw a 5 or 6 miler in once a week to build stamina
  10. If you're wanting infantry you'll ideally need it under 10mins. I think the minimum is 10m:30s for infantry unless you're wanting to go Paras (which I believe is 9m:18s). Don't just aim for the minimum though. Get it as low as you can to give yourself a better chance of coming away from ADSC with an A grade :)