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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by englandtilidie, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm due to start ITC Catterick on 23rd August. The problem i have is i have just found out my mam is due to go into hospital for a pretty important operation the 1st week in september and will need somebody to look after her at home for 2-3 weeks and i am her only realistic option. Do you think if i explain the circumstances to my AFCO they will be able to put back my start date back by a month?
  2. Why don't you phone them and find out?
  3. Because it's closed at the moment and i am going to call them 1st thing monday morning. Was just looking for a bit of advice/help over the weekend.
  4. if you do , it might be more than a month mate.

    becuase it suppose to be pretty filled up .
  5. Yeh thats the thing, i know there are lads getting start dates for next year. Suppose i can only ask and see what they say.
  6. just ask , they might even put you on the top of the list if someone falls out
  7. I wasn't trying to be a tw@t, but suppose everyone on here said 'Yeah don't worry mate, you'll be fine'? Or even 'No chance mate, your mum's on her own 'cos once you've signed on the line it's treason if you back out of it'.

    At the end of the day, no matter what anyone in Internet Land says, you're going to have to contact them. Good luck whatever happens, I know what I'd be doing.
  8. Ring the recruiter monday morning mate. Mikes right as ever. Plus, ya mum needs ya so its important to get it squared away
  9. Yeh cheers for the advice guys, i'm going to have to put it back wether it be 1 month or 6. Cheers again.
  10. If theres somebody else from your AFCO going in on the september 20th intake then they might be up for a swap??
  11. Regardless of whether it's the internet or not offering you advice, you can put the date back, however, the time window of when this new intake could be would have to be "discovered" through the afco, similar cases could pop up and you could even end up taking someone elses place if your recruiter gets you straight in there, if you're a decent bloke that is ;)
  12. Spoke to AFCO, next available start date is 10th January!! Gutted, think were going to look at my step-dad to have a re-shuffle at work so he can be home to look after her as he's currently working in london.
  13. Hehe.....or get a shovel. Im sure the patio needs remodelling ;) ala Trevor Jordash
  14. Recruiter has said it will either be November or January for a new start date, just waiting for the call to confirm it.
  15. Anybody with recruitment experience know how long it takes to allocate somebody a place at basic and for it to be confirmed? I spoke to my recruiter last week and he said my new start date would probably be 10th January and he would let me know when it had been confirmed. I rang him again today and he said nothing had been confirmed yet.