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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tomsim, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. Hey I recently got my start date letter. I just had a question about the section that says questions to be asked to the recruit before enlistment. One asks if you have ever done an apprentiship it is blank on the sheet. However I have done one did an apprentiship aftar I finnished school. Do I need to ring the office to tell them this, or do they just ask you when you do your oath? My date is for feburary.
  2. i also have the same on mine as it says none when i actually did a decoratig apprenticeship after school, unless ur qualification is needed for ur job course i wouldnt worry, just mention it when you come to do the oath and they should short it out if its relevent ......
  3. My recruiter told me to keep shut about it when i told him becuase it wern't down already it would cause backlogs with paperwork and could result in not making it to basic. So tell your recruiter, if he updates it fine, if he tells your to keep quiet then do.
  4. Ok Thanks when did you tell your recuirter, was it soon after getting your letter?
  5. Rubbish.....just tell your recruiter and it takes a few seconds to ammend or false information will be on your contracts. The only reason this is on here is to make sure you are not an indentured apprentice (this means that you are liable to work with the firm/apprenticeship for a certain ammount of time ) and not allowed to join other firms until your period of apprenticeship is finished. If you notice that information is not correct on your 271W (your copy) prior to Oath then say some thing as one of the boxes you sign on your first few days at ATR/ITC is your 271A main contract where your saying all evidence is up to date......if information is false on there ie...not mentioned apprentiship then this would cause massive problems as you would of lied
  6. Hi. Got a quick question that ties in with Start date etc. Its one month until I start phase 1 at Catterick (14 Oct). My recruiter rang me and told me im starting then. I sent my disclousure Scotland off like 2 weeks ago and have not heard back. Still need to do the Oath and all arrangements for the 14th. Im not too bothered as I know im starting in a month , just wondered if anyone else had the same situation with the army leaving this so late?
  7. i havnt had a letter should i be worried? im starting in 2months time and nothing has been said to be about a letter
  8. Naylor don't worry everything will happen in the last month, oath will be 1-2 weeks before you join
  9. ive been told about my oath that will happen the week be4 and i have to go in again to sort out some paper work so they told me lol
  10. Yeah i'm going to be doing mine in the last week as i'm off surfing for a week on the 1-7 november :)
  11. Surfing in the winter?
  12. Best time in the UK as the lows make their way in from the Atlantic which brings in decent clean swells. It gets ******* freezing in jan/feb been in before and it was warmer in the sea than out of it lol and my mate cou;ldn't open the car door cause his hands where shaking so much. A nice winter wettie and maybe gloves and boots if your a poof :p keeps you snug along with a bit of piss in the mix :). Best bit about winter is no tourists you can get to the beach at 5:30am and it's only you and a mate and you surf as the sun rises and then off to work at 8. Tbh gutted i don't live in cornwall anymore as it deffo made up for a working a shit job.
  13. Fcuking hell make sure they dont find you frozen a 1000 years from now in a iceberg LOL.
  14. LOL, Nah before christmas it's not to bad it usually doesn't dip below 10'c and i'm wearing a 5 mm winter suit, christmas day surf has to be done as someone usually turn up in a santa suit lol
  15. Good luck with it just make sure you dont get a injury.