start basic training tomorrow but p45 still not arrived

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dave perry, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi folks my old boss sent my P45 on wednesday but have still not received it so won't have it for Basic Training, what should i do? Will i be able to fill out a P46 during the first week of Basic ?
  2. Get someone to post it you when you get your address at your Basic training depot. When you get a mail delivery for your Platoon keep an eye out for it.When it arrives give it to your Corporal and ask him if he can get it to the clerks office. If they ask for it before it arrives tell them it's in the post.
  3. get down to a AFCO ASAP! Get a P46 filled out. and hand to them! You may be able to do it on First Day however it will affect your pay for first months pay! (You get put on Emergency Tax Bracket and means you A)Have pay tax or B)Get Tax rebate.)
  4. Fair one. It not like you can spend it though.
  5. You can't at that stage however the Tax man may chasse you up for it!
  6. cheers for the replies, i won't be able to go to afco as it's closed today, I am going to download a P46, complete it and take it with me
  7. I am in the same boat as I got op rocketed (I assume you have also been) And my career office staff told me to take any exsisting shit I have and tell them that It was short notice but if they try to give me an earful I am to tell them to phone my careers office where they will "rip the staff a new ********".... I don't like the sound of all this haha!

    For the record mine is also currently in the post to me now and thus will have to be sent to me at ATR B if I do so require it after getting verbally raped.

    Where/what are you joining Dave? I myself am Joining the Royal Engineers.
  8. hi mate i am joining reme as VM, bit sad about leaving the wife but she is being strong
  9. aah right.
  10. Oh yes, Sometimes a wee word helps or next step is making a personally visit to your office!