Start Basic on May 12th - Question about MOD 1109 SC/CTC

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by henrythompson98, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I've just passed ADSC and been given a start date for basic on May 12th :D

    The officer whose been dealing with me has handed me a MOD 1109 SC/CTC form to complete and take with me to basic. It asks for all kinds of information - financial, parents and even spent convictions. I have a few questions about this.

    1) I'm a British born person, but 10 years ago I lived in Hong Kong for 3 years. How will this impact my clearance?
    2) Who will see these details, other than the DVA?
    3) How long does the SC take on average?
    4) What will the DVA be looking for, etc?
    5) If you use a different forename to what you were given, then which forename do you put down - one old forename is what I grew up with and have credit cards, etc in, and the new forename is on my DL and passport?

    I'm so excited and nervous - I can't believe I got this far :D


  2. You're fucked
  4. If I was you, I would get all my documentation into my one official name - whether that be original name or legally changed name. Using 2 names can only be potential for disaster sometime in the future.
  5. If in doubt, ring up and ask.
  6. Gotta love that Alizee .gif...... so.... entrancing.... can't.. take. . eyes... off... :)
  7. Excellent - good answers.

    One final questions, will the information I put on the 1109 be reviewed by CO's, admin staff, etc. or is it possible to ensure that only the DVA see it?

    I don't want my personal, financial and other sensitive information being seen by anyone else, especially spent convictions from when I was young :lol: Not that there serious.
  8. Where are you going for your basic? I'm off to Winchester on the same date so if ya going there i'll see ya there.
  9. As I wrote earlier, no-one in your unit will ever see what you write, but I say again - don't lie.
  10. Oh aye, I'm going to be 100% honest, just as I've been throughout the process.

    I just want to know who will see the information - will the Commanding Officer see, or what about the admin staff, or is it pretty much complete the form, hand it in, and they send it straight off to DVA?
  11. If you have been given an envelope to put your form in and you hand it in sealed, then I doubt that anyone will look at it. When I was PVRO, I would look through any forms handed to me to ensure that all the boxes were filled. I wasn't really concerned with the info - only that there was some.
  12. For the third time:

  13. Thanks, and sorry for repeating the question, I'm just so nervous.

    Final question, honest and I won't ask again.

    Was the security clearance questionnaire supposed to be done BEFORE I started basic training along with the regular soldier application, or is it normally done in Phase 1?