Starship Trooper

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Praetorian, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Just been watching the old Starship Troopers, seems like Service guarentees Citizenship isn't such a bad concept!

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  2. Maybe but are you still watching channel five.......
  3. Yeah, but you'll notice a good few of them end up 'armless...

    I'll get me coat
  4. I was having a throwback moment to when there used to be poor quality softcore porn on there.......

    Happy days of youth.
  5. Sounds fair.

    At least it'd stop those idle chavs and milksop Guardianistas voting.
  6. What about the freak who is having his bits swapped over!
  7. My advice, read the book
    Basically the world is split into 2, civilians and citizens, everyone is born a civilian but citizenship is earnt, often, but not eclusivly, by military service.

    The book isn't as black and white as the film but it does demonstrate what kind of person it is that takes responsibility in themselves to want to be a citizen (the film makes it sounds like many just do it for the perks). Interestingly enough soldiers themselves have LESS rights than citizens, for example they cannot vote whilst in service.

    I advise anyone to read this book and (even though its in space and there are bugs and stuff) you can really identify with Rico and his career.
  8. I didnt even know it was a book!
    I just thought it was a modern day B-movie/sci-fi filum.
    Wonders never cease.
  9. One of Robert Heinlein's best books IMHO, alongside "The Moon is A Harsh Mistress" and "Stranger In A Strange Land".

    As Wellyhead said above, the book is much more thought-provoking than the film. Although the film has more naked women in it.
  10. Seconded
  11. I think his words about Corpral Punishment and his coments about modern law and order methods seem alarmingly accurate.

    Throw in his belive about the last big war and who it will be between, again that all seems very perceptive of him.

    Remember the book was writen in 1959.
  12. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    ISTR that Heinlein wrote Starship Troopers as an analogy to Nam, talking up the honour of defending the known universe from an entirely alien enemy.

    IMCO opinion, Joe Haldeman's The Forever War (also an analogy to Nam, but demonstrating the futility) is a far better book.

    I first read it 30-odd years ago. Classic. It finally fell apart about ten years ago after multiple rereads by me and then my son. Then I learned that Haldeman had rewritten the middle portion of the book before first release because it was considered too dark and painted the USA in too bleak a light so he moved it to London and Geneva.

    Later editions moved the events back to the USA.
  13. Starship Troopers was first published in 1959, long before the Viet Nam conflict penetrated popular consciousness. There is lots of stuff on t'Internet about it, including this

    There is no doubt that it is a hugely influential work, though when you start to really think about it, you can see why many quite moderate people think it is a bit too fascist for comfort.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    As you rightly say, long before the USA got involved in the conflict.

    1BLE (1st Battalion of the Foreign Legion) first disembarked in Haiphong on 8 Nov 1883 and the French stayed for 71 years.

    Late as usual. AND they lost. And they made the same mistakes as the French had made in the 19th century (and again in the late 1940s and again at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 to bring their war to an end, cos they didn't learn either).

    But I take your point.