Stars on their collars?


Just curious - how long have our generals "gone American" and worn stars on their collars?

Makes sense in a multinational area I suppose but never seen it before.


We had a Company in Baghdad on Telic 8 and they were told to wear the equivalent US rank as well as their British rank slide
I saw it happen on Granby and Telic 1, a lot of Brit Officers wore US rank on collars in Joint (multi national) environments, even saw WO's do the same.

To be honest it did help when needing to know who you were talking to.
It was current during GW1, mainly for those at the Coalition HQs.


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Been on there sinceTelic 1 IIRC

Or as Obama calls it the invasion of British Mesopotamia fighting all thiose nasty British Mesopotaniams
Cheers, thought as much.
That rank slide on Stormin Norman is Saudi.
WhiteRabbit said:
DavetheApe said:
That rank slide on Stormin Norman is Saudi.
Roger that. What I meant was that the Americans have adopted foreign insignia too in joint command HQs.
Yep. But it was a bit too much to expect that he might wear British rank though, eh....... :p
Nit picking, but it's the 'NATO' rank slide rather than the 'US' rank [granted they're the same] so they're not exactly wearing foreign insignia. NATO thought it was a good idea to have a unified rank system and it 'just happened' that with almost all the troops in NATO being spams they used their system. The Saudi slide is because they were in Saudi and so there were a lot of their people around.


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All same the star plates on cars I think.
seaweed said:
All same the star plates on cars I think.
Correct.I remember the mutterings in the '70's when Hill-Norton used to have to take a star off his car-plate when he came to SHAPE,as um..... um Haig was only a 4 star,& SACEUR couldn't be embarrassed.Don't suppose the Admiral actually took the star off himself though.Too many Fleet Chiefs with sod-all to do :policeflat:

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