Stars Earn Stripes--Anyone Watching?

Discussion in 'US' started by Yank_Lurker, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Posting this in the US forum vs the more general entertainment forum as I'm sure the UK people 1) Can't view US programming on NBC and 2) couldn't care less about this show.

    My Dad initially told me about it a couple weeks ago, and when he told me it was hosted by Weaselly Clark, I told him I really wasn't interested in anything Clark was involved in, given his idiocy in Kosovo (you know, like trying to start WWIII over some office space), and from conversations I've had with people who knew/served under him in the service.

    But last night I was sorely afflicted with insomnia, and flipping through On Demand I saw it and decided to give it a try, watched the first two episodes.

    Frankly, it's an interesting idea. They have 8 stars/celebrities each partnered with a current or former Special Operations guy. They have a couple of SEALS including Chris Kyle (author of "American Sniper"), a Marine from a FAST team, a Delta operator, a Navy Corpsman assigned to Marine Force Recon, an SF guy, and for variety a NYPD cop (former GySgt from the USMC) and a SWAT team commander. The operators team with their assigned celebs, put them through training, and then in pairs they go through live-fire (yes, they give Hollywood actors full-auto weapons with real bullets even) training simulating (very loose definition of simulating) special operations scenarios. Kind of fun to watch Nick LeChay try to puss out over fast-roping from a helo onto a rooftop. Terry Crews (from "The Expendables") almost drowned in the heliborne water insertion in the first episode, had to be pulled out by a rescue team, as did the trainer from "The Biggest Loser". Eve Torres, WWE female wrestler, is looking INCREDIBLY fine, as her US Special Forces oppo lets her know every five minutes on the show (I'm betting he's already tagging it behind the scenes, she keeps giving him kitten eyes) and she's got a damn impressive door-breaching kick. Picaboo Street, the US Gold Medalist is holding her weight, but I tell you, Todd Palin really impresses. This isn't a political thing, in the first mission, Todd, an old fart by most standards, hits the water in the heliborne insertion and reaches the boat first, then on hitting the beach, has to take over Crews' role (Crews was pulled due to near drowning), bangs out both his and Crews' mission, beats out the operators on his squad in low crawling and slogging through some very difficult bog terrain, and essentially functions like a "one-man army". SEAL Chris Kyle says as he watches the operation, "Next time I go to war, I want Todd Palin on my team." Of course Todd can claim reason to be there himself, as 4 time winner of the Iron Dog sled race, an outdoorsman, hunter, and Bering Sea fisherman (makes a man hard). He's a very game competitor.

    Fortunately, Wesley Clark's presence on screen is very limited, and it's fun to watch celebs rolling around in the mud saying "wow this is really hard!", and they all are competing for donations to military-related charities, so it's all in a good cause. Amazingly, nobody's managed to shoot themselves yet.
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  2. I fell asleep at the word "celebrities".

    How lucky was that?
  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I stopped giving a **** when "American" came up...
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  4. WTF?
  5. I may have misspelled her name. As I recall from the Olympics (2002 Winter Olympics I think), they said her parents were pretty much hippies. Yes, her first name is a weird spelling of "Peek-a-boo". Fer real. She won the Gold Medal in Women's Skiing.

    [edit]Google is your friend. was the 1998 Winter Olympics, correct spelling is Picabo.
  6. Being Septic I could watch it on TV but have no desire to watch. I have seen trailers and that was more than enough.

    That said, I don't watch any "reality" TV shows. Only one I ever watched was "The Great Race" when my son lived with me as he liked it.

    Also I am busy watching the Red Sox lose baseball games.:crying::crying:
  7. I work til 11 PM so miss most of the Cards games. :(
  8. AT least Cardinals have a shot at a wild card slot. Red Sox have no hope until next season. (If they hire a couple of decent pitchers who also want to win games).. At least Cards play real baseball with no DH.

    (Sorry Brit people, baseball stuff)
  9. We lead the league in runs and batting averages. We just need to put it together.
  10. Do you Americanos not have a baseball thread? Not criticising, got into baseball myself when channel 5 started over here & I was a dole mole ( Astros had Bell, Bagwell and Bieggio(sp?) In the line up)
  11. There's full episodes on YouTube. Reminds me of a high-budget version of that terribly dire "Commando VIP" a few years back starring the titted one from Ultimate Farce and a few other shitty supposed celebs.

    That said, having just read American Sniper, Chris Kyle is decent and there's some acceptable birds in this.
  12. I've got an idea for a somewhat similar show- "Mongs Earn Medals". We get some complete spackers, give them automatic weapons, get some some ex-special ops types to lead them on missions...what could go wrong?
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  13. Ah, rounders you mean ;-)
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  14. I thought that was what this was.
  15. "Picaboo Street, the US Gold Medalist is holding her weight."

    Has she taken over from Sesame?
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