Starkey in trouble again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pyianno, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Quite,
    it seems there are people who have a public say who aren't tools,
    but more importantly, for how long?
  2. Starkey is loaded and I don't think he cares if the liberal left try and hound him out of the media.
  3. The stupid man - how dare he?

    He should know better than to try to speak any kind of truth about immigrants.
  4. weren't the rochdale lot muslims of pakistani descent whilst punjab is mostly indian sikhs & hindus? still, they all look the same right? there's politically incorrect and there's ignorant
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  5. Oh, **** off Laurie Penny. We need to do a thread on her. She is so obnoxious, pompous and stupid. It makes me shout that some 25-year-old is consistently given a platform when she hasn't a ******* clue about the first thing. Also, since when has Wellington indulged in bollocks like this? It's a school, not some conference centre. I'm surprised she has a boyfriend as well, I thought she was fashionably gay? Or at least she was at Cambridge. Or Oxford, same thing.
  6. Sounds like the start of a good story.

    He acknowledges his regional ignorance in the speech.
  7. Oxford. I've sent her a nice message. It started "Stop talking shit you dumb bitch".
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  8. Whoops, James Brown is Starkey's bf. She's still probably fashionably gay. Tell you what, someone send her the link for the thread and the wonders of modern media can create a shitstorm from a few idiots pontificating beyond their reach. As already mentioned, the is Hindu and in the country next door. Pakistan is Islamic. Whoops.

    Don't send her abuse, it makes her feel virtuous and brave, not silly and stupid. She'll describe us as "trolls", the teenager's word for people who're nasty on the internet. Boo hoo. Remember that Dickens line, to "make allowance for their doubting too"? Not this Mary Seacole-lite, oh no!
  9. I was exagerating. It was much more measured than that.

    The question is, would you?

  10. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    He's entertaining and seems content to gore everyone pretty much equally. Not a racist, just a professional provocateur. I can never decide if his aspiration is to Juvenal or just to be juvenile.

    As for the base sentiment about the inability for some quarters to treat western women as something other than a commodity, he's definitely touched a nerve. How many khutbah Juma must one listen to decrying the loose and whoring ways of all western women from childhood on before some act on it? Although the inappropriate entrepreneurial aspects are shared by much wider group (a quick check of prosecutions for similar offenses would suggest quite the cottage industry - pun intended). Not exactly the social integration one might wish.
  11. If he's going to make controversial speeches, he could get his facts right = easy enough these days with a sub 10 second Google search - especially as an academic - could save himself some embarrassment, woulda thought
  12. The junior doyenne of the loony left is a firm favourite of mine. While trying to carve out a career in journalism by writing about things like rape and poverty about which she knows nothing, she demonstrates levels of hypocrisy that would make Polly Toynbee blush.

    As Toby Young wrote, "she is beyond parody". An ardent feminist, who worked as a "burlesque dancer" while up at Oxford. A life long lesbian, who got straight back in the closet and acquired a boyfriend on meeting her first bull dyke. A ceaseless campaigner for a "living wage", who advertised for an "intern" whom she would pay less than minimum wage. When not complaining about the inherited wealth of Tories, she's living off an inheritance from dead relatives.

    You could not, as they say, make it up.

    She's a blogger, not a journalist and she clearly can't make a living in the real world. The Guardian hasn't published anything from her this year and, given their losses, I can't see them continuing to pay her much longer. Her globe trotting brand of champaign socialism doesn't come cheap and it'll be great to see her shagging around the City trying to bag a rich husband when her inheritance runs out in a few years.
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  13. Well said. She is also suspected of making up a lot of her articles, the same as Guto Harri. The blogger Guido Fawkes is on her case. On Twitter it's known as #pennygate