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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by winsley, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. I am starting my basic training in a couple of weeks.
    any body got any tips.
    am shitting myself so i'll take any advise anybodys got
  2. Just put in 100% and work as a team
  3. Grammar and spelling would be a start..............
  4. Dont eat yellow snow.
    Never piss into wind.
    Always sniff milk before drinking it.
    Dont walk on a motorway.
    Always carry dog biscuits in your pocket just in case you need to win favour with a Pit Bull terrier.
  5. Don't phone home when drunk.
    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  6. Ignore last. Grammar and spelling are for officers. A basic bloke just needs commitment. Remember, it's not just whether you will make it, it's whether ALL of you will make it. Help the others in their weaknesses and they will help you in yours. There's no "I" in team.

    There's nothing that's impossible, give 100% (110% is nice but not mandatory) and you should sail through.

    edited to qualify: "last" meant Matelot's first post.
  7. There may be no I in team but there is a me.

    Grammar and spelling are essential you oaf. That is of course if you don't want to be a 22 year tom/ab/chav in the crabs....
  8. If grammar and spelling are essential, then we're doomed. ;)
  9. Another bit of advice would be to use your initiative and use the 'search' function on interweb sites......such as this one.
  10. Fair one but for the benefit of winsley....

    whatever you do, just remember one thing in basic training.....


    You'll go far if you follow the above rule!
  11. Agreed on this one. You only know what the instructor has told you. All else is a false rumour, not to be repeated. :)
  12. Yeah not long till I go myself... 5 weeks or so.

    I heard they'd changed the rules about females and males doing Basic together, is this true? Are females and males being kept apart through out the whole 12 weeks?
  13. dont know if its fully in place but should be female only platoons doing the same syllabus as the male troops.
  14. At reception, the First Shirt gave to us three pieces of advice. He said to the assembled recruits, with our freshly shorn noggins...

    "The fastest way out of here is to graduate. Trying to get thrown out, medicalled out, or quitting will have you held over for longer than it would take you to graduate. I will now tell you three rules of Basic in order to graduate.

    Rule 1. Do what you're told.
    Rule 2. Do what you're told.
    Rule 3. Damnit, do what you're told.

    Follow those three rules, and you will be successful"

    You know, he was right. Clever lads, those Company Sergeants.

  15. My son is at ATR Pirbright and it's guys and gals across the board, apart from shitehouse requirements etc.