Staring at boobs is healthy

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chief_Joseph, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. Most of them would notice you staring before the 10 minutes was up.

  2. I should be expecting to die at about 132 years old then!
  3. Shouldn't we get some decent pics up then, you know......for the good of our health.....;)
  4. I think I just lost my breakfast, thanks butler :(
  5. I stare at tits all day long....

    They're called civil servants. :lol:
  6. What the article doesn't say that it could be unhealthy if the woman who owns the ogled breasts notices and kicks you in the bollox for it. :wink:

    Equal to a 30min aerobics workout?! So this man is in tip-top shape then following his many daily workouts over the years?!:

  7. Sorry folks, but not on this board.
    Save it for the Naafi please,

  8. Fascist
  9. But the boobs are vital to our health. If we do not look at big, bouncy, greased up boobies... we will die.
  10. And in recognition of your welfare needs ARRSE provides you with the NAAFI ...........;-)