ive heard starch get mentioned a bit on here for use with kit i think i was just wondering should i get a tub of it or whatever it comes in and what does it do thanks a lot
Yep. It comes in a squeezy tube just like toothpaste.

You pop it on your hair (or you can use it for deodorant too).

The bonus with starch is it is edible.

(Just have a look on the side of a bag of crisps. They even use it in that).
Flash it right. Also, an alternative to starch for stiffing up the creases in your kit is to crack one out down your leg and iron with full heat. The result is amazing.
what about a line of soap down the inside of the creases? :D


well i bought a can of spray starch. apparently it helps give better creases, if you spray it on the crease whilst ironing
Serious answer time.
Use starch if you like, however be prepared for the rapid onset of two tone 95's. Outside shiny, inside normal.
All you need is steam and elbow grease.


spray starch is pump but if you are on an interview without sitting down turn your 95s inside out, shirt and trousers spray the arms and legs with starch (on the previous single crease lines) wait about a minute turn out the right way use a hot iron, a barely damp teatowel and hard ironing surface and iron away no white marks on kit or scorch marks that way


nemo23 what he said was that the shirt and trousers will have a shiney side (where you`ve ironed the starch on the outside) and a duller side where you haven`t used starch ie: 2 tone denims (lightweight trousers) or if your a sprog the green trousers the big boys used to wear as working dress,if you must use starch use the method I posted above.

Personally Steam ,Heat and elbow grease is sufficent


O2Thief said:
suits_U said:
what about a line of soap down the inside of the creases? :D

You pervy, that is soooo sick!

And against QR's. The soap, when it deteriorates, is a perfect breeding ground for lice.

Best thing to do is have the trousers treated in a dry cleaners. There's a process (name I've forgotten) which uses a laquer to give you a permanent crease without any noticable effect. Makes pressing kit so much easier.
When I joined up I'd starch my troswers to within an inch of their life every night! Now, it's just a casual bit of heat a couple of times a week. Sleep in your kit and you wont need to iron it.


On a serious note.

To avoid the old shiney white sh1t on your kit, turn it inside out and spray some 'extra firm hairspray' on the inside. Makes the creases razor sharp and last for ages.
I found that starch made them shiny and also formed a knobcheese like substance on the bottom of the iron. Now I use hairspray which is dam good.

A question though are sewn in creases allowed?
CS 95 is for dyin' in not ironin' :wink:


War Hero
Never used starch after basic training (mid-1980's). Joined my regiment straight from training and we were told to parade at 1600hrs on Sunday afternoon. Being a bit wide-eyed nobody thought to ask where to parade. Needless to say we paraded in the wrong place (it was always going to be the wrong place, even if it was really the right place if you know what i mean) which resulted in show parades at the guardroom. First show parade we thought we looked immaculate as our kit had not been worn since passing out. The Guard Commander took a look at the first bod and said 'We don't use starch in this regiment', beasted us and told us to parade again in an hour. Next hour we rock up. This time he looked at the next lad's boots - 'We don't bull boots in this regiment', beasted us etc. The next hour we paraded and this time it was 'we don't wear shoulder titles in this regiment', so beasted and paraded again. One of the lads was a corporal transferring from the D'n'Ds. He was wearing a Victor crown beret - 'We don't wear ......' and white chevrons 'we don't wear non-tac rank insignia....' both ending in two separate sessions of beastings.

To be far to him the regiment didn't use starch, bull boots etc. In fact to see a British Army wooly-pully was rare - Norwegian Army-issue were the jumper of choice and and don't get me started on the number of different style of boots. But as for starch, forget it.

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