Star Wars / Chewbacca

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by box-of-frogs, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Why didn't Chewbacca get a medal at the end of Star Wars? :?
  2. sir i do believe you are taking the urine, however, good point.
    probably as he didnt do much and is a walking carpet
  3. Serious question!!!! :lol: If Han Solo gets a medal then i think the carpet should as well!
  4. maybe a petition should be in order :D
  5. As nothing more than a pilot he needed to spend a set amount of time in the air space (space space?) of the battle zone. He was short by 1 hour 15 miutes and thus was not awarded the medal.

    Once he has left the service, however, he will be free to purchase any number of commemorative medals to stick on his hairy chest.
  6. JPA refused his application on account of an admin error on form 643A, when, as everyone knows, his application should have gone on a 643b(a). His docs office was also closed due to an inspection coming up in the next millenium
  7. Not at all...... A crew of a bomber can see a pilot, Nav or gunner decorated bot not the other crew members.

    Han Solo was deservedly decorated for acts of selflessness and went on to be brave again in Raiders of the lost ark and the Fugitive.

    Chewbacca ended up matting his own fur in a drink fuelled state and tried to cash in his 'I knew Carrie Fisher andHarrison Ford' chips all to often.

    Chewy was an animal, just like Lassie, Gentle ben, littlest hobo, and bear from BJ Mckay..... none of them wear chest bling either.

  8. what about Lucky and Sadie then?
  9. We've seen VS and AES dogs get bling on TELIC! It doesn't have to be the same medal, i just feel he should get some sort of recognition!
  10. They are British dogs., therefore far braver than the creation of an American puppet master.

    Chewy also had a criminal record and was serving under false papers, Hairy Mick (his real name) has previous for burglary, shoplifting and rape and non payment of wookie-tax

    He's a big hairy thick cnut, anything he did they may be seen as heroic, was simply out of stupidity as a wookie has a brain smaller than a lhaso aspo
  11. I heard he was found with several severed Imperial Stormtrooper ears in his webbing and was turned down as a result.
  12. Good point MDN. I also think I saw Chewie in Andytown in the mid 80's.
    It was definately a big hairy baesteward acting suspiciously anyway.
  13. Lèse majesté, that's why not. Still, fair exchange...