Star Wars and other Fantasies Cosplay........thats dressed up semi-nekkid wimmin

Dont know how i dunnit, but i found porn cosplay on a hub out there somewhere. Just thought that I would mention it .
Well? :? Don't keep us in suspense, mon. :? Does it have anything to do with chipmunks?


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Small wonder there is a global shortage of masks!


Do you think they will be selling them after the photo shoot?

My neighbour would like to know s he is running low on knickers.
Small wonder there is a global shortage of masks!
Saved that pic and sent it to the girlfriend saying I was going to buy it for her.

Strangely her reply was "F*#k off"!!!
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Did you not have the volume on?

She’s into girls not creeps ;-)
Did not have the volume on as SHMBO was on the phone and it distracted her and am most disappointed in this lovely girls choice of partner other than me .
However if she doesn't mind me watching her doing a bit of rug munching that's ok too :p

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