Star Wars and other Fantasies Cosplay........thats dressed up semi-nekkid wimmin

Reality bites. Cosplay, or home invasion?

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Tub of lard* holding sword, "Stay away, she's mine".

Every male on the planet, (except Scaley of course), "Yeah, no problem, you crack on. I'm really scared of your sword. Yes, it's definitely the sword that is scaring me..."

*You'll note I didn't assume it's gender, it could be a pair of lezzers we're looking at, with no interest in men whatsoever - please god, let that be so!
What kind of milk can you get from the tit with the black cross? :?

Black tit.JPG
I do like a babe with a blade

I suspected the new Star Wars movies with strong female leads were nothing more than a Feminist plot to push for the emasculation of men in the Star Wars universe, but I didn't realize how widely the rot had spread. Star Wars is dead to me now.:thumbdown:

A Female Version of Star Wars.jpg
Princess Leia has been taking the tablets again......

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