Star Wars and other Fantasies Cosplay........thats dressed up semi-nekkid wimmin

You say that like it's a bad thing! Incidentally the last two pics look very much like a lass I went out with at college. She was from Cornwall and was 'mucky'*. She had visions of marriage, kids and a long life together. I on the other hand wanted to join the Army......shame, she could suck a golf ball through 12 foot of garden hose.....ahhhhh, Sarah - I hope you made your husband a happy man.

*she also smoked 40 Marlboro Red a day, could drink me under the table and on one famous occasion punched my lights clean out after I slapped her aRRse!
After 6 pints of Herfy and a couple of Asbachs I'd fuck a frog and not bother to stop it hopping.

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