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Star Wars and other Fantasies Cosplay........thats dressed up semi-nekkid wimmin

I'd be smiling too if I were hanging off that ass - very comely indeed!! I don't recognize the character or the costume - who is the young lady trying to channel? :?

Backpack Butt.jpg
That'll be Dora the Explorer - US cartoon in English and Spanish. My kids learnt to count to 10 and sundry random bits of vocab en Espanol watching it.
Hum! I see the resemblance. I've seen the cartoon before on my local PBS station but she is usually shown as being only about 9 or 10 years old. Who knew that she could grow up so nicely? As for the Spanish jibber-jabber, well, she doesn't have to speak. What I want to say to her doesn't require words. :-D:drool:
Dora The Exploer.jpg

You could crack walnuts between those cheeks.....

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