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I have been away for a couple o` weeks living in a nice hotel,oh hang about that wasn`t me that was our "crab mates",anyway thats not the point,when I left I was a three star brew bitch, now I notice I have been demoted to a one star sniff test man!

Whats the game,has there been a cock up or have the ratings been put on a manning and records promotion system?


Sorry but we've upgraded the software (you might have noticed) but alas a few things have been lost.  Best get posting

P.S I hear that East Scotland is lovely this time of year.....

"Edited for crap spelling"
Lynx mates will be scored with  a "Pie Rating" giving the overall fat-boy score.  :eek:
As opposed to Gazelle pilots who will have Barbi dolls in place of stars to represent wit, charisma and the ability to hold a conversation that doesn't involve them feeling in some way inferior. Guess the average (aren't they all?) Gaz puke won't go above one Barbi doll! ;D 8) :p :-*
Good CO, East Scotland was great,(80 shillings sorts out the men from the floppy jocks ;D) the weather was pants! :-[

Lord Flash,was that you on this years lucky dip? ;)
he's trying to extend out there as he's fell in lurv with some crab chick, who apparantley looks exactly like him........ shudder to think too much about that one!!!
yeah that's the one!! we're havin a nice relaxing holiday in 52 without his admin spoiling things. nearly drank the bottle of port in his office today......would have been good - all arms drill course bottle!
He never learns! Ask Cuz!

You should slip some knee trembler in that bottle!

All arms drill cse gained under false pretences!!!
why? u know somethin we don't ref drill cse? after the mattress affair nothing would surprise me!!! we're actually trying to kidnap his pace stick!! then stick it in the same place as his admin :lol:

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