Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PepperSeaDog, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Ahh the bastion of common sense and truth, the Daily Star.
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  2. How does this largely fictitious piece of "journalism" qualify as news much less CA level material?
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  3. What maritime security firms have been doing to the RM and RN for the past year or so, chaps.

    Lots of blokes leaving, maybe a few desperate, grab 'e with goodskills and possibly more amenable to staying in that line of work.

    There's a firm that recruits RMs(only) for maritime security throug world of mouth only... helps that the boss is a RM WO Retd.
  4. There's a load of otherwise largely unemployable former soldiers cutting about various parts of the world earning a crust. As the IO boat stuff fades, and Afghan scales down, there's going to be a shitload of skilled up CP blokes needing to get their next meal ticket.

    The "Circuit" from what I'm led to believe, is pretty chockers.
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  5. The Maritime security world is full to bursting. Ive had lots of mates who've used resettlement grants on MS courses and very few (if any) have got paid passages. Its a very who you know buisness and I know of a couple of firms who only employ ex-booties of SNCO level and above. The market is swamped no only with newbies but also ex CP blokes coming from Iraq etc. doing their STCW cse.
    Unless you have an 'in' then you'll have to be very lucky to earn a living in this way.
  6. I met an ex bootie (FPGRM) in Dubai doing maritime protection work, he said it was very lucrative but avoid Chinese flagged vessels as the food and accommodation wasn't good and they weren't very welcoming.
    Incase you are tempted
  7. The above is correct. I've been on the circuit now for 4 years, and it amazes me that there are still people leaving the forces to try and get on it. You'll be lucky to get a start in this business nowadays.

    During my illustrious 6 months in the maritime sector of this game, I found it to be without doubt the most boring job I have ever done. I am now happily back on dry land sweating it out in Africa.
  8. Also TCNs are now cheaper. One company last year changed all its expats for lower maintenance indians and sri lankans. They did longer rotations for less.
  9. And has been for a few years since Iraq eased off according to friends I have on the circuit.
  10. Probably on a par or less than most of them were earning in the Forces in fact. Not bad compared to civvie street average but it's hardly retire in ten years time money either.
  11. Just as dangerous in some areas of the UK as swanning around on a ship I would have thought...just saying.