I need some help putting together an exercise on STANTA. Can anyone PM me images on google earth/live local of some buildings on the range. I primarly need Mists Meadow and Buckenham Tofts Stable.

Shouldn't contrevene OPSEC as it's all open source info.

At risk of being Waaaahed!!!

Phone STANTA range control. They have an excellent selection of pics/info or they can get more from OPTAG if you ask nice.

If you don't breath thin enough air to phone them direct, get your units G3 Cell to do it for you.
Hmm STANTA, great training area. Love the place.



War Hero
Great pub in Thompson village. The Chequers, if my memory serves me correctly. Once did a CPX from their car-park! Comms procedure a little slurred at times!

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