STANTA T shirt

Been there got the T shirt.

In this case, 20-odd years ago. Still have it, it is grey and has a map of the area on the front.

I wear it when I'm out running, and it's getting a bit thin.

Anyone know if you can still get them?
i too have a santa tee shirt, though its red and white with a cute little reindeer on the front and a picture of the big man himself on the back.

n.b..i however dont wear it when im out running
I used to have a Santana tee-shirt but threw it away because people confused the truly average Volkswagen of that name with the truly awful plinky plonky band.

I certainly never went running in it. I do however have a SPTA t-shirt which is now a collectors item because the band renamed themselves to SPAFTC.
You f**king child!

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