STANTA archaeology

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. While spending a large chunk of the summer crawling around STANTA's many nettle-fields on a course, a friend and I noticed the huge quantity of neolithic flint tools, arrowheads, scrapers etc littered around the area (none of which are covered by the ENDEX declaration 8) ).

    Has STANTA been surveyed by archaeologists, does anyone know? And has anyone else ever found anything interesting there?

    Apologies for nerdishness.
  2. I think the whole area has most of its archaeological sites recorded, at least judging by the ordnance maps and the various write-ups in British Archaeology ( ). Still, wouldn't hurt to send an email to local county archy department if you found a concentration of finds that might be an unrecorded settlement.
  3. It is actually a major site and I know they are digging away, there are archeologists on staff who seem to be involved in the dig on the old 1st War trench lines. As to the area or concentration of finds it woudn't harm your career prospects by letting them know where and when before an AFV or slit trench is parked on top of the site. I think one of the posters on the WW1 forum is based there, will have a look for you.
  4. Kudos to you for being able to recognise them, a lot of the tool types and flakes from flint working are not easy to spot unless you know what to look for.

    Still, not too surprising really given its proximity to Grime's Graves
  5. Oh **** no! Another chance for that sad boring **** tony robinson and his sad beardie weirdy friends in the timeteam to dig a pointless hole in the ground and get 'wood' after finding dirty old bit of broken pot. Dull as fcuk!
  6. It's only dull if you cancel the live firing exercise that's planned for the area, while they're filming.
  7. I think that Brandon is a quite an important place in regards of flintknapping. Tony Robinson and chums have been there already. I found a stone axe head whilst out on a patrol with the Danish Lt Recce Sqn in Ghanners last year!
  8. 'Whats That Tony? You need to dig a bigger hole here. Hang on a sec...'
    <turns to Radio>
    'MLRS battery-Request Fire mission at grid.......'

    Yeah. I'd watch that episode.
  9. Now you see, I found a flint knife on my allotment last year, but I think you've trumped me pretty well with that anecdote! :D
  10. Take it your telly is only capable of receiving channel 4 then. must be a quiet life in your little world.