Hi Guys,
Im looking for any info on what replaced the old STANOC chaps at RSA Larkhill.

I am postging here as although they were all arms there were a few RA guys there.

If it no longer exists then can someone let me know the official address for writing to for its replacement?

Ta in advance

Glay :D
Are you talking about after they moved from the old cinema to the School or after they moved out their offices there ?

I think they have moved again as I was on a course recently and I swear it was in the "new" offices. Sounds like a shiite reply as I can't tell you what their status is now, but I can say that I has a cracking time in the old cinema yonks ago on attachment to them as our unit directly supported the centre


I did a course at Warminster a couple of years back. All Arms Counter Surveillance Course. Good fun, learnt quite a lot (especially about thermal management) and it lasts a week. I think it's quite heavily over subscribed so book early!

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