Stanley Vs Randolf Turpin

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by KRHussar, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. In 1951 Tpr Stanley (11th Hussars) fought Randolf Turpin, the boxing champion back in 1951. Trooper Stanley is 80 tomorrow, 7th August 2007 and we are trying to find a picture / program or anything else to do with the fight so we can give it to him, belatedly, for his birthday.

    Can anybody PLEASE help with any such articles??


    Thank you

  2. How did Stanley fare against Turpin?
  3. I believe he lost? But put up a good show!!

    Love the avatar ;)
  4. I liked it too, it's the Dog's, er, Tits.

    Did he go the distance?
  5. I have no idea? I have been trying to find the match /fight on the web but can find nothing? Hence the request for help or information.

    Thanks and yes, the dogs!!! ;)
  6. Pity, no more news or information on this! Shame
  7. done that, nothing
  8. Randolph Turpin was ex RN, won the Navy championship and the inter services boxing association title before turning professional.
  9. Im after information on a certain fight. see initial input, thanks
  10. Thank you, best lead to date. I have posted a request!! Top man!!!
  11. You may also want to try here, the site is dedicated to Turpin also has a guestbook so you could post you questions there.
    Was the fight an exhibition fight?
  12. Done, many thanks again.