Stanley Military Cemetery (HK)

I was in Stanley Mil Cemetary today and saw the gravestone of Lt Col Newman(?) of the Middlesex Regt today.

The stone mentioned that he was executed by the Japanese because he wouldn't tell them infomation on his comerades.

Does anyone have any more info on him??


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Here is a short note:

Stanley Military Cemetary

If you are keen on finding out more then there have been quite a few books about POWs in Hong Kong and I am sure you will be able to find the whole story with little difficulty.

There are other links - such as this:

Hong Kong GCs


The Middlesex regt I cant remember which Bn but was captured at the fall of HK. Christmas 1941 I think. The Bn was reformed in 1945ish with many ex pows and returned to HK as a result of the Chinese Communist Victory over the nationalists in 1949. From there deployed to Korea I think. Must have caaused some extra grey hairs!
The Middlesex Regt was the Machine Gun Battalion for the HK Garrison, which had a Mainland Brigade and an Island Bde in 1941. The Bdes consisted of 2 x UK Bns, 2x Canadian Bns and 2 x Indian Bns with support from the Royal HK Regt.

The double brigade system of 49 and 51 Bde lasted until Nov 76 when 51 and 49 were disbanded and reformed as 49 Gurkha Field Force with 1 UK Bn and 2 Gurkha Bns and support units.

2 good books to read on HK are The Fall of Hong Kong by Tim Carew, and The Lasting Honour by Oliver Lindsay who was an officer with the Gren Guards in HK from 75/76 and researched his book there at the time.

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