Standstill Rate of Pay (SSRP) and SFA charges increase.

I have a question for you bright pay chaps and chapesses which my RAO cannot answer as they are all civies. I am currently on SSRP as i entered my new rank at level 6 being a crusty old LE. Having read the JSP it says that i will be SSRP until the bright young proper officers catch up with my pay. It also says that i will get 1 years SSRP credit for each year i am on SSRP.
To me that means that i do not have to wait 7 years before i get an incremental increase. Getting 1 years credit for each year of waiting means that i should start getting increments again at my 4 years in rank point. Is that right?

Also as i am not getting yearly increment increases and Mr Cameron has decided that we should all do without a pay rise this year why has my SFA rent and garage rent gone up? It may not seem like alot, but a rise of 1.4% is not on if you do not get any extra money to cover it. There must be some rule somewhere that stops this kind of thing happening, if so where can i find it as the civies in the office are not interested as usual.


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Sluggy might be able to help on this, if not paywog's your guy.
I am currently on SSRP as i entered my new rank at level 6 being a crusty old LE. Having read the JSP it says that i will be SSRP until the bright young proper officers catch up with my pay.
If you are an LE why have you not gone onto the OCFR pay scale? Your starting increment on that is based on time done and you still get annual increments. The highest you can start on OCFR scale is level 7 and it goes as high as 15
Officer Commissioned from the Ranks. You should go onto LE rates of pay as a Capt (assuming you commissioned as a Capt on a IRL). Where you drop into the pay scale is dependent on rank you commissioned from and years served (both which drove your pay as an OR). On commissioning you are to get a 5% pay rise.

You stay on LE rates until you beige and then we are all on the same rate of pay.
But to answer the question, there is no method (that I know of) to deal with the effective pay drop due to increase in charges and stand still pay. But I stand by to be corrected on this element if I am wrong!
I am assuming the OP has promoted to Major, in which case you go on to (as Huey_Rat) the Maj scale at the IL closest to your Capt Pay +5%. If this results in a SSRP, you remain on this and receive no incremental rises until your seniority catches up. As for chagres, it is the joys of promotion. If you take up acc'n appropriate to the rank on promotion, charges go up, no offset

TM - have just dealt with one in exactly the same position albeit promoted in 06, only now querying on assigment to us why he has received no IL rises in 5 years!!
OP. This occurred to me on promotion to Major a fair few years back. In short, as an LE you enter on the incremental level closest to your current pay as a Capt plus of course 5% for promotion. As you may land on Level 5 or 6, what you don't have is the years in rank to back up the pay your getting. Consequently you are placed on SSRP until you have the requisite number of years to match the incremental level. As you start in rank on level one, after a year sub you move to level 2 etc, so if your sitting on level 6, then theoretically you have 5 years SSRP to meet your level 6. This of course goes out the window if you promote. You continue to receive the annual pay rise (if we were not frozen) but not the incremental rises. As to accommodation etc, reinforces the feeling that your actually taking a pay cut, but with more responsibility, longer hours, greater expectations etc etc. Enjoy.
Yeh, should have said that i promoted to Maj in 2009. Thats not really the issue at the moment, what is getting my goat is the rise in accom and garage of 1.4% with the lack of a pay rise thanks to Mr Cameron. To make it even more crap the housing people here are crap and not interested in doing their job so we can't get much done as the site will be closing in a few years. Its not a huge amount of money, but can you think of any other government employee who would be expected to push on with a pay drop, i can't. As for the SSRP having read the JSP at great length it says that i have to stand still until my seniority catches up. It also says that for every year on SSRP you gain 1 years credit meaning that to get to level 6 you have to be on SSRP for 3 years hence coming in at level 6 i expect my first increment raise after 4 years. Below is the para relating to this.

d. Individuals in receipt of a Marked Time Rate of Pay (MTRP), or a Standstill Rate of Pay (SSRP) (see Section 1), will not be eligible for YIP until they have gained sufficient seniority and satisfied all other criteria. On the anniversary of an individual’s IBD they will gain an additional year’s credit for the time spent on that pay range, which will, provided they are not promoted or in receipt of an AIP beforehand, move them one year closer to receiving YIP to the next IL.
"In light of the public sector pay freeze and other changes affecting the Armed Forces, we carefully considered whether we should recommend no increase in charges this year. However, employees in the rest of the public sector face increases in the cost of living including housing costs, so we thought it appropriate to continue with our normal methodology of raising accommodation charges in line with the rental component of RPI in the year to November 2010." AFPRB 2011 Report
Sorry TM, have tried that one in the case i mentioned, it just typical JSP ambiguous workding, you do not gain 2 years back for every year on a SSRP. Even a Capt maxed out on the main Offr pay scale will only come in at IL1 on promotion to Maj. If you came in at IL6 then the 6th anniversary of your promotion you will gain your next YIP.

I too lost out on promotion, increased SFA and cost of commuting and increase in HDT contribution. Like you say, only small amounts but sticks in the throat nonthelesss

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