Discussion in 'Officers' started by quickstop, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. disgusting, immoral and wrong

  2. no harm no foul / all's fair in love and war

  1. I just want to get a feel for some irksome issues.

    A mate of mine got trashed at a dinner night recently and ended up sleeping with a senior officer (different service) who was married. I thought this was pretty appalling and wondered what anyone else might think.

    Same said mate also invited a private soldier into the mess last night for a beer to watch tv in the Officers Mess common room while they waited for a taxi.

    Is it me or are standards slipping in this instance?
  2. Sleeping with another person's partner is wrong. Two people involved in doing this if discovered have potentially not just destroyed their own lifes but those of the spouses and children involved. There is a phrase 'an officer and a gentleman' i guess this doesn't apply here
  3. If an officer can't maintain the correct standards how is he/she supposed to ensure that the troops do, would they be able to sit there with a straight face and bollock the soldier knowing that they have commited the same offence?
  4. Slept with my Pl Comds wife when I was a (single) Cpl. She was a Lt in WRAC. In the marital bed too. Guess she hated him as much as I did. She also had the OPSO and Bn 2i/c.

    Her marriage broke up when she made Capt before him despite being commissioned a year later.
  5. Hasn't this subject already been covered here?

  6. No it hasn't - that's a thread about pi$$ing in sinks - wally! :)
  7. adyf, I do believe that that is just about the sweetest insult that's ever been used on ARRSE! :D

    Edited to add: Ref the thread question, IMO it's just plain wrong.
  8. Hey I'm just a sweet kind of guy Dozy :)
  9. Which, Grommit, was a meant as a metaphor for something most of us have done, but few own up to.

    I'll get me coat

  10. Hmmm....

    Not a particularly well defined metaphor though was it - in fact is wasn't even a metaphor - perhaps fetch your dictionary at the same time :p

    And you're now admitting to shagging someone else's wife too?? Tut tut tut - it just isn't right!
  11. adyf, nothing personal here mate, this is more fun than the thread :lol:

    · n. a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable. a thing regarded as symbolic of something else.
    – DERIVATIVES metaphoric adj. metaphorical adj. metaphorically adv.
    – ORIGIN C15: from Fr. métaphore, via L. from Gk metaphora, from metapherein ‘to transfer’.

    Pedantic I know, but one of my assignments on the CELTA course last year dealt with use of metaphor.

    "Report writing"? Sorry, you've lost me there; if that's a metaphor, it's not that well defined either.


  12. Does it make a difference if someone's speratated?
  13. Same as most things the crime is in getting caught!! Until ten no one gets hurt and every one is a winner.

  14. If both parties are separated when they sleep together they have already taken the decision to end the relationship, which puts a different spin on the situation
  15. Sharp bit of editing there! :roll:

    Didn't say I had, just implied that most of us have. I've never pissed in the sink either.