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As you all no doubt are aware, ARRSE has been the subject of intense scrutiny by the media , the Top Brass of the Army , MoD and other agencies and individuals

The Arrse board was created, so serving personnel had somewhere to banter ,voice concerns or ask questions and advice anonymously. Somewhere where ex-personnel could stay in touch with forces life, or where Military-centric civilians, could get a "flavour"

The aim of Arrse is for it to be both fun and informative, don't abuse it with pointless insults and petty argument.

For the avoidance of doubt, read the OPSEC thread, which also contains the standards we expect people to abide by.

Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in threads , posts, or in extremis , the poster being culled.

Lack of consideration of others who want to have a proper discussion about issues, will drive contributors, with something valuable to say or who are in a position to make a difference , away.

Each of the mods administers their forums in their own time. We are busy enough without having to read bone posts and then edit and delete them.  

We at ARRSE HQ will not see this site lose its credibility. It is only because we know certain senior officers (And one or two VERY senior)at LAND view it as valuable that we can keep it open without a witch-hunt into the identities of those of us who run it

I , and other moderators do not wish to face an interview without coffee, biscuits and with my hat on because of the mindless actions of a few.

This forum, is an advertisement to the world at large. Each and every one of you is an ambassador for the very best Armed Forces in the world.

Remember that.


PTP has intermittent internet access at present but he is keen that the Current Affairs board doesn't fall into disrepair while he's away.

Just to remind you all:

Current Affairs is primarily for the serious discussion of military-political topics and other matters which may affect us as members of the armed forces.

It isn't for:

1. Political point scoring

2. Attempts at comedy (which doesn't mean you can't be witty)

3. Propagation of conspiracy theories

4. Outrage threads

5. Baiting of cultural, ethnic, religious or sexual groups.

6. Threads centred on Race. Post, it goes to the Arrsehole ek dum.

If you post any of these, the chances are that PTP or I will move it elsewhere on Arrse or bin it completely. With the exception of number 5, there is a place on Arrse for all of these, but keep it out of Current Affairs.

Incidentally, the Admins and Mods reserve the right to add additional banned categories to the five above without warning.

(See point 6)


cpunk said:
6. Threads centred on Race. Post, it goes to the Arrsehole ek dum.
If you want to post race threads, you will be better off doing it somewhere like Stormfront. Doing it here will get you O2 tagged or banned. Clear?


There has been a distinct drop in the quality of this forum in recent weeks; it is becoming extremely tedious to read and even more tedious to moderate. In days gone by, Current Affairs hosted some genuinely interesting discussions of considerable intellectual merit. Instead, all we get is dim-witted drivel about 'political correctness gone mad', 'Zanu Liarbour' and David Cameron's 'betrayal'; whilst much of the content is internet hard-man posturing by fantasists, weenies, has-beens and 'never-weres'.

If you want to start up the outrage bus, think first and then head for the Naafi or, better still, a completely different website.


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A timely reminder that the criteria posted below apply as well as the points cpunk has raised above. None of these should need restating but the recent standard of debate has been particularly poor.

Current Affairs.

Our serious boards are heavily moderated as we aim to keep them sensible and relevant for those who wish to engage in serious discussion. The following are not tolerated:
  1. Taking thread off topic
  2. Moderate swearing / abuse of other users.
  3. Non-contributory posting ie pointless ranting.


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Please see Bad CO's post here. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.


Standards are on the slide again, therefore the CA moderators will be on the look out for the following:

1. Abusive ad hominem attacks. Banter is fine, abuse isn't.

2. Swearing. This is not the Naafi, sustained sweary posting is out.

3. Racial abuse, homophobia etc.

4. Ranting.

5. General stupidity: this isn't a touchy feely, all-inclusive kindergarten: all opinions are not equal.

None of this is rocket science. This part of the site has - in the past - had a deserved reputation for the quality of its content. Let's try to re-establish that.


A quick heads up. The 'serious' bits of the site, but particularly Current Affairs, are becoming too sweary and this may have an impact on Arrse's revenue stream. As you will see, the COs have reintroduced the swear filter but be warned that deliberate attempts to evade it's potty-mouth closing tentacles will lead to slapped wrists, ROPs, bans and, eventually, teams of hard-faced men in black balaclavas kicking your doors down, letting off flash-bangs and, ultimately, executing you with a single shot to the back of the head in the alley out the back, next to the bins. So be warned!
There has been a recent trend of people posting only links, or cut and pastes from articles sourced elsewhere.

Whilst it's acceptable to use extracts to support a point, the source should be clear, and there should be accompanying analysis or discussion.

Put the extract in a quote box, so it's clear which part of your post is from the article, and which is your own deathless prose.

Don't post only links, or only cut and paste articles or extracts. This includes memes.

Don't post copyright material without acknowledging the copyright/source.

Don't post Daily Mail stories, links, images or extracts at all - use the Int Cell.

Don't post articles from behind paywall/subscription sites.

Don't post extracts, links or articles in languages other than English, except where a proper translation is also provided.
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There seems to be an increasing tendency to revert to ad hom name calling and/or get a bit emotional about some topics in CA.
Not acceptable, if you cannot be rational and add something to the debate, stay away.

The Int Cell and other parts of the site provide a more flexible operational environment, and if a thread looks like it is going permanently off piste, send a report and request a thread move.
There has been a noticeable drop in the standard of original posts (i.e. new thread starters) of late.

Before starting a new thread:

- ensure you have read the whole of this sticky, and post accordingly, especially concerning the posting of links and extracts from articles
- check to ensure there isn't already an ARRSE thread on the subject - use the search function
- make sure your post contains some analysis and/or discussion of the issue. One sentence is not enough
- resist the temptation to post a 'breaking news' story unless there is something substantive to report
- you aren't writing a headline for the Sun. Keep the thread title to the point and factual, so it can be found easily by the search function


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Right, there is no other way I can possibly put this given the widespread ignoring of previous messages:

Circumvention or bypassing of the swear filter in the Serious Bit will attract sanctions from now on in.

No further warnings. I am getting heartily sick of deleting posts that ignore the site's rules.
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