standards required phase 1 training

please can anyone advise me, esp if f you have recently completed training, or instructed at an ATR.

MY afco are just not interested anymore since i have my date to join so wont answer my sgt even told me to stop running, and use x-t machine only.

what are the 'real' fitness standards. i find it hard to believe all i have to do is run 1.5miles in 11.30 when i get there(and im employment group 3 which is 12.45).

im currently running 3-4 miles every other day at 8min mile pace and followed by bike or crosstrainer for 15 mins, then weights or pressups-45/chins-15/situps-55.

is this enough? i just want to pass without remedial pt prefer to postpone date if not fit enough.

and should i start running in boots? im supposed to be starting in 4 weeks.

any tips much appreciated.oh and btw any useful kit i should buy(if allowed to use) before i go to ATR.

Many thanks.sorry if questions seem a bit basic.
T j A,

You are doing very well. Once you get into the system you may find a trend to slip to the lowest common denomenator. Ignore this and stick to your own high standards.

The fitness standards that you quote are the MINIMUM. A more realistic standard is 10.30 and this is what the infantry use. The motto 'be the best' is really a personal mantra that you should apply to yourself.

You should also concentrate on upper body strength. By that I do not mean bulk, but athleticism. If you can do ten full body pull ups and 15 dips, you should be ok.

When you get to basic training, remember it is not the real army, just concentrate on getting the basic skills mastered well, and that you are part of a team that needs to work together.

As for running in boots, good idea but be careful. Do not overdo it as you can cause yourself injury.

I would advise you to do no more thana mile in bots every two or three days just to get yourself used to it. You will not be running in boots for the first while in training, but you will be marching about and even this can cause a condition known as shin-splints in the uninitiated.

This may sound barmy, but start wearing 'proper' shoes rather than soft trainers. They cause a greater impact on your legs and will therefore help to prepare you for boots.

It might also be an idea to strap a bit of weight to your back a couple of times a week. Again do not overdo, just a few pounds will help to strengthen you.

The build up to these activities in training will be gradual.

Concentrating on your running and upper body fitness is the priority.

Also have you tried the 'talk to a serving soldier' link on the Army website? They will be more current than me.

Good luck.



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As stated above the standards are a minimum. However the actual test you will be completing in your first week will be the RMTs. Having trained 4 troops, I found that in a male troop everyone would generally be under 10.30mins for the 1.5 mile run by halfway through the course- if you can do this at the start then you will be fine as the PT will hopefully get you fitter rather than slower. If you are not used to boots or proper shoes then I would start wearing them; however there should be no need to go running in them as you will not do this in training and you risk doing yourself more harm than good. The jerrycan and ammo box lift should pose absolutely no problems to anyone. The sit-ups are a bleep test so rather than seeing how many you can do in a single go, concentrate on doing them at a medium steady rate for 3 or 4 minutes.

Your PT when you arrive at an ATR will concentrate initially on circuit training for the first few weeks so an ideal preparation for this would be circuit training- you should be able to find some suggested routines on the net.

The bottom line is that with your current regime you are likely to find yourself a lot fitter than a lot of your colleagues when you arrive. Well done you!

what are the RMTs?

i will fllow your advice so far (i already obtained a pair of issue boots to break in)

are there any useful items of kit you would recommend i purchase b4 training ? even if not military kit, like a good iron etc.

many thanks.


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RMT - Representative Military Task

1.5 mile run
jerry can carry
ammo box lift
sit up bleep test

An iron/ ironing board would be useful but don't bother taking much else because until you get there you don't know what you'll be allowed to use/have.
there is no requirement to start running in boots and iI would rest yourself a week before going in dont want to start on an injury as previously stated the standard you have been given is a mimimum remember when you get to your unit your CFT is two miles longer and your BCFT time is 1030 but it sounds like you have prepared well so you shouldnt have a problem good luck

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