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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. As I logged out of Hotmail, IE redirects me to the MSN News page.

    One of the links relates to the death of Merrick McDonald who had worked for Aegis Defence Services in Iraq for 18 months.

    I'm pretty sure that the Sun also led on the same story this morning. What I find offensive is the categorisation of this type of story under the "Entertainment" category, with a sub category of "Showbiz News" - the reason, Merrick McDonald previously worked as one of the Beckham's bodyguards.

    I feel that if the only way that newspapers / news providers can encourage readers, is by linking the saddest occassions to "celebrity" we are suffering the lowest forms of journalism possible.

    Anyone of our visiting journalists care to put their' head above the parapet, and give us the journalist's / sub's view this sensationalism?
  2. If that's the only way that the typical readership will be interested in what's going on in the sandpit, then they're probably getting the journalism they deserve...

    Mind you, I can't see a 'Current Affairs' option on the sidebar for that link.
  3. Fair point - what the public wants, the public gets. Part of my concern is that "dubious" standards of journalism are now promulgated throughout the media, and if the only standard measurement is number of papers sold, etc. then our freedom of the press, isn't worth the paper it's written on.
  4. What?? , they have standards ???????? Sadly the scum along with other red tops will only pander to the chav populus who finds the lastest celeb goss more important than what is really happening in this world today.

  5. Stupid of me to post this on a Friday lunchtime - there again the pubs in Wapping must be chucking out soon.

    Has anyone else noticed that in spite of the number of journalists that quote ARRSE, with few exceptions, they're never too keen to respond?
  6. Lazy, lying
  7. Yep ISO 0000
  8. The bible, as I was told it, is McNaes Essential law for Journalists.

    For instance, the Guardians mis-reporting of Brigadier Butlers interview could be found under Chapter 20, Criminal Libel, Slander and Malicious Falsehoods.

    Perhaps jounralists should keep a copy by them as a reminder of the standard they are supposed to keep to