Standards of Driving

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex Rockape51, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. With the introduction of two part Driving Tests some years ago, have standards got better. Any and all comments about Driving are welcome.
  2. No, but the test is more expensive, so somebody is happy.
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  3. I tried driving once. I was crap at it. So I tried putting. Nope, golf is not my game.
  4. Judging by the way some people bimble around, they've got all day to do fk all and nine times out off ten they're in front of me when i'm in a rush.
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  5. or the cnuts are pulling out on me coz they cant wait 2 more seconds,*******
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  6. Oh and did I mention spotty, 20 something boy racer's with shit boyband haircuts in Vauxhall Corsa's thrapin the bollocks off the car with So Solid Crew boo-yakkin from the base box in the boot......*****.
  7. The introduction of the theory part of the test has led to many new licence holders believing they have a Masters Degree in driving. The mixture of over-confidence and inexperience is lethal. Much more emphasis needs to be placed on practical driving skills before a test can be taken.
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  8. If the new test teaches them not to indicate on roundabouts, wait until the dual carriageway is ending before overtaking, cut across two lanes of traffic and then down the offslip at the last second and just concentrate on the road in front of you, not what is happening ahead, then I would say it's been a great success.
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  10. from what i've seen so far in NI drivers older than boy racer age can be worse
    some thick twats cant understand what happens if 2 cars connect !!!
    i followed a driving instructor one day and noticed his student did the pull out thingy at junctions a few times.
    i can only assume they teach that shit, and that pulling out dangerously, only to turn off at the next junction thing? cant understand that one
  11. Oh, here we go again, as a Member of the Professional Driver Fraternity and I am not
    talking Puddle Jumpers, here, it doesn't matter about any two part test, when you
    are taught to 'Pass your Test' it is exactly that.

    You then start to learn HOW to drive, the unfortunate thing is that as soon as the
    full Licence is in the greasy mit, every twot and his Brother thinks they are the best
    Driver on the Planet, in most cases that will NEVER be the case.

    Take Roundabouts as an example, think how many times you have pulled up to one
    and thought 'which way is this ******** going' no indication but loads of indignation
    and frantic pressing of the Horn, when you pull put in front of the cnut.

    I very doubt very much that this was taught on your Driving Lessons, it's pure and
    simply 'I know where I'm going, you should be a mind reader, why should I indicate,
    fcuk you'

    Indication or lack of it is one of the major causes of accidents on our Highways today
    try this...when do you indicate when turning off a Motorway, just as you reach the
    entrance to the decelleration lane, yeah, thought so.

    So I can state without risk of argument, that, yes the Standards of Driving in this
    Country are getting worse, simply because once you are safely ensconced in your
    motor, most people feel untouchable, you most certainly are not.

    Every year I have to do a Driving Assessment, even though I am an LGV
    Senior Instructor, I do not complain about this, for I am of the opinion that
    every day is a learning day, I do not believe I am the best Driver in the
    world..................I KNOW I AM!
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  12. The standard of driving is generally quite shocking I find, mostly consisiting of people :

    a) Not indicating

    b) Not checking their blind spot, (I instinctively check my blindspot in armoured vehicles, and even when just walking, so why can't they do it when bloody driving?!)

    c) Not looking at the road ahead, but just following the car in front. People don't see strings of brake lights half a mile ahead and think 'ah, I wonder whats going on and how it will affect me?'

    d) Not moving over for people who are merging onto M-ways/dual carriageways, or not moving over when you are indicating to move out of lane 1 and lane 3 is empty

    e) People in front of me not anticipating the road ahead, causing me to alter my driving style and waste fuel from their constant slowing/speeding up instead of maintaining a nice constant, smooth speed and driving style.

    And the thing that fcuks me off most of all is muppets doing 50mph in a 60 zone, especially on Friday afternoons. I understand their reasoning for it, but if they can't afford the fuel, don't drive in the first place.

    And I'm not a bitter old man, these are observations from a 21 year old.

    P.S. I know I've already said it, but INDICATING!! That also makes my blood boil, its such a simple thing to do and makes my life so much easier.
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  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Ahem, I think not. I'm the best driver in the world!
  14. I was driving down the M1 the other day in fog so thick you couldn't see the front of your own car. I couldn't believe how fast some people were driving. I had to do nearly 90 to overtake them.
    I thank you - I'm here all week.
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  15. Yep I fully agree,no-one has any fekkin courtesy, in too much of a rush, dont read the road properly or are unaware of their surroundings when behind the wheel.